2012 Birthday Book Contest Finalists.

Jan 20

I want to thank everyone again who took the time to contribute to the Birthday Book for Dave.  Your comments to me about the book were so very nice and I really appreciate it. A lot of time, work & energy goes into creating the book, so thanks again.

Before I get into the finalists for the prize, I want to mention that there are now two new birthday books online that you can submit greetings to for Taylor Hawkins (Feb. 17 ) and Chris Shiflett (May 6).

Amanda is running the Birthday Book for TaylorTaylor’s birthday is Feb. 17, but the deadline for contributions is Feb. 12, 2012.  You can get all of the details by clicking on that link.

Liz is running the Birthday Book for ChrisChris’ birthday is May 6, but the deadline for contributions is May 4, 2012.  You can get all of the details by clicking on that link.

As for the contest here – I had two friends who were not part of the birthday book pick the finalists. I had nothing to do with any of the finalists just to keep it fair.  To be honest, I’m glad that I didn’t have to pick, because there were so many good ones. So I left it up to them and they came back with 15 that they liked.   Now the winner of the grand prize will be up to YOU.  I’m letting you vote for best entry.  Just a little information for you: There is one vote per person. PERIOD. There is no multiple voting so make sure you vote for the best one.  I know that sometimes there is a bit of a competition between countries, so sometimes people vote for an entry just because it’s from their specific country. I ask that you vote for the best entry regardless where it comes from.  The contest will run for two weeks.  You will not be able to see the results until the contest ends. That is when I will post them. I’m trying to keep this as fair as possible. Please understand.  Below are the finalists in a gallery so that you can get a better look at them, but you have to VOTE HERE.  Thanks and good luck to all!!!


 Good luck to everyone!

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