Answers for Birthday Book Questions

Jan 12

I’m getting a lot of  e mails in regards to the birthday book so I thought that I would take a moment to answer them here to ease your minds.

First of all, I include everyone’s entries to the birthday book as long as they follow the rules. If you DID follow the rules, then your entry will be included in the book.  If by some chance you overlooked the rules, I responded via e mail to you and asked you to edit your entry.  If you do not edit the entry, then it does not get included.

EVERYONE is eligible for the contest as long as your entry followed the rules. It does not matter if you live outside of the USA…you are ELIGIBLE.  It’s not fair to limit the prize to just Americans or just people in Europe etc. etc.  If you took the time to make a contribution and I responded positively, then you are entered into the contest. I’m not sure how else to convey this – or why people are assuming that they will not be in the contest. 

PLEASE for the sake of my hair (which I am pulling out by the roots) – INCLUDE YOUR NAME IN YOUR CONTRIBUTION!!!  You take time to create this beautiful birthday wish and you don’t sign your name??!!  I don’t understand!!  Help!!

IF you can send your contribution as a .jpg, .gif, or .png that really helps me out. If you can only create in Word, .pdf, , Paint, etc. that’s ok, just be aware that it will be converted to one of the three formats mentioned.

Last, but certainly not least – the book goes LIVE on THIS website on Jan. 14 – which is Dave’s 43rd Birthday.  I will link to it on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, etc.  You can always check here as it gets closer to Jan. 14.  The deadline for entries is Jan. 13 @6pm NYC time, so once I have gathered all of the final entries and had a chance to arrange them in the book – then I will upload the book.  I know that we’re all in different parts of the world, but I tend to hold out posting it until it’s closer to midnight Jan. 14 California (Pacific Coast) time.  Obviously for people in Australia etc. it’s going to be more like Jan. 15….

Don’t forget that we’re going to try to get #HappyBirthdayDaveGrohl trending on Twitter world wide on Jan. 14.  Add that tag to all of your tweets that day!

I hope that this answers some of your questions. If you do have an issue that I haven’t covered, feel free to reply to this post below and I’ll reply to it.

Thank you!!


PS – adding the link here to the Birthday Book Rules Page

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