April 20, 2010

Apr 20

Hello, my friends

So how was your weekend? Because mine was kind of good.

I know you probably think that the highlight of my trip to Las Vegas was seeing the Vultures show and getting a few minutes to speak with Dave, but I gotta say – the entire randomness of the weekend can be summed up with my adventure at the airport the night we flew back home. That’s right. I hung out with THE Erik Estrada:

So damn random and crazy. We took a cab to the airport and I had to repack a few things before checking a bag when Veronica motioned next to me and there he was on his phone. He came over and introduced himself somewhat and asked us to “hide” him while he smoked. I can’t imagine who he was hiding from. No one else even looked in his direction. Later on in the terminal I ran into him again and he asked me to help him find his gate. Everyone relax. I got him on his flight to NYC so that he could begin some new campaign for Butterfingers candy bar. You’re welcome. That’s the kind of gal I am though – always helping out no matter who it may be.

Also, I’d like to take the opportunity to tell my hotel roommates once again how sorry I am for being the complete asshole on Sunday morning. Somehow the clock on my phone set itself back to east coast time when I was still on the west coast. I woke up suddenly (probably still used to east coast time) and was under the impression that it was 10am which was one hour before check out time (and the precise moment that the Hard Rock hotel would begin charging me $100 for every extra hour we were in the room). I ran through the room like a crazy woman yelling “GET UP! Start packing! We have an hour!” The reality was that it was only 7am. Let’s just say that I was not very popular that morning and was called some colorful names. I deserved it. Really. I am horrified at the thought of me running through the room grabbing clothes and stuffing them in bags. Yikes. Sorry girls.

Before I get to the photos from Las Vegas, I wanted to share this with you. From the most recent Rolling Stone magazine Issue 1103 / April 29, 2010 (American version with The Black Eyed Peas on the cover), 40 Reasons to get excited about Music. Reason # 8: (Click to enlarge)

I don’t know about you guys, but I’d be perfectly happy if TCV decided to hang around for a few more years. This is a lot of fun.

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So here are a few photos from the show. You can see them all HERE. What a great time. TCV was on fire that night. What a great show! It was so good to finally meet so many of you that follow the website and put faces to names too. I really appreciate all of the kind words you had for me about the website. It really does mean a lot to me that you all take the time to visit here and give your input and contributions. Several of you sent me messages afterwards and said you had seen me, but didn’t want to bother me. Please don’t feel that you can’t approach me. I would love to meet you all and say hello. 🙂

Again, check all of the photos out HERE

Also, I was just kidding above about the highlight of my weekend being the whole Erik Estrada thing. Clearly it was seeing the show and Dave. What a great guy. Much love and respect to him always. And Jesus Christ, Josh Homme is tall. Very cool finally getting to talk to him a bit. Josh was amazing during that show. Thanks, guys!

If you were there and would like to share your photos, stories etc., send them in to me and I’ll get them posted. Leecy’s e mail

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