August 18, 2007

Aug 18

Kelly transcribed the Australia Rolling Stone article with Dave. You can read it HERE. Thank you, Kelly!!!

If you can’t wait for the new video for “The Pretender” you can catch a quick glimpse of it HERE. (Looks awesome!)

HERE are a few photos of le Foo at a Radio 1 Breakfast and Concorde 2 gig.

So… I have to tell you that I was/am the biggest Duranie of all time. You can imagine how I squeeled like a 14 yr old girl when I came across this photo. John Taylor with Dave. Wow. I grew up in the 80s – I had the fedora hat and the white jazz shoes and I dyed my bangs blonde to match John’s. I went to all the reunion tours and even got pulled up on stage by John at their San Antonio show a few years back. I just realized how ridiculous I am, but whatever.. it’s all in fun. I wish I had a photo of Dave with Simon le Bon.. or Roger Taylor. Actually, I wish Andy Taylor was back in the band because they’re kind of no good without him, but I digress…

Have a wonderful weekend, kiddies.


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