Happy Birthday, Dave!

Jan 14

Happiest of birthdays to Dave!

Thank you, everyone…for taking the time to send in greetings for Dave. I’ve collected them all and will post the link below to the ‘Birthday Book’.

We have approximately 120 entries which I will consider successful because my free time this year has been quite limited, so I really relied on word of mouth so I appreciate your help to get all of this put together.

I will say that I had no idea that this ‘everyone wear a red flannel shirt just like Dave does’ theme among the fans existed, and now I have to go out to Land’s End or LL Bean or something to get one?  Wow.   You learn something new every day.

So once again, thanks everyone – and a special shout out to my former next door neighbor in Massachusetts who is the band director for the Chelmsford, MA high school band (Matt Sexauer) along with the band and their video greeting.  Matt says to let everyone know that he was the drummer in the video.  Some day I’d be happy to tell you all what it’s like to live next door to a high school band director who has quite the obsession for following the band ‘Phish’ around.

So without further ado, Happy Birthday Dave!  <—–Click the link to go to the birthday book


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Foo Fighters on Saturday Night Live & Birthday Book Details

Dec 17

Hopefully you had the opportunity on Saturday Night to catch the Christmas episode of Saturday Night Live on NBC.  If not, I have quite a few screen captures for you (see below after Birthday Book Information).

A few of you have written me about Birthday Book details and here are a few guidelines to follow when creating your entry:

  • **1** Put your name on it (Location is great too!)
  • **2** Keep is strictly to Dave. Any mentions of personal life/family etc. will not be included. Just think of how you would like to be greeted on your birthday.
  • **3** It’s nice to write just a note, but include your note on a photo that you took either with Dave or at a show or even a photo of yourself.
  • **4** Please try to ‘attach’ your note to the photo. When you don’t do this, that leaves it to me, and it’s a long process and unfortunately, my time is quite limited these days. If you leave that part to me, then I have the final say-so in the way that it’s presented.
  • **5** Try to keep the size to 800 x 600 / 600 x 800 or less.
  • **6** Please: jpg, .gif, .png only. Don’t create on pdf or Word/excel or paint documents and send that to me.
  • **7** Email me: lisa@sweetparamania.com for any other questions or to send your contribution in to me. Deadline for submitting birthday greetings is Jan. 12, 2018 at 6pm NYC time.

As promised:  Screen Captures from SNL:

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Time for Dave’s 2018 Birthday Book!

Nov 27

Hi everyone,

Dave turns 49 (!!!!) on January 14, 2018. It’s time to get his annual Birthday Book together!

Please consider contributing this year. The online book (link) is sent to Dave every year and he gets to see your wishes that you created for him.
Here are a few links to past birthday books. Feel free to look them over and create your birthday wish and send it along to me to be included.

2017 Birthday Book

2016 Birthday Book

Please keep your contributions to either .jpg, .gif, .png (no Word, pdf, paint etc).  In years past, some have created videos – and you still can….you’ll just need to upload to YouTube and send the embedded link to me to include on the page.  You can also do a search here with the words ‘Birthday Book’ to bring up years worth of books made for Dave.  They can help inspire you.  Also, please try to keep your creations private until the Birthday Book goes “live” for everyone to see.

Please keep your content for the most part ‘Birthday’ related.  Contributions that discuss his private life, family, etc. will be turned away. You can either edit or not have them included.  Remember that it is his BIRTHDAY and think of how you like to be treated on your birthday and that’s a good guide to follow.

Once you have completed your entry, you can send them along to me at lisa@sweetparamania.com 

Also, if you have ANY questions, feel free to email me.  We’ve had the book for many, many years now and it always turns out so great. Dave really does read them so here’s your chance to wish him a Happy Birthday.

The deadline for entries will be Friday, January 12, 2018 at 6pm Eastern time (New York City time). 

Can’t wait to see what you guys come up with this year!

Thanks, everyone!


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Catching Up…..

Sep 10

Hi everyone…. it’s been a while, and I have excuses.  Good ones.

First, I just needed to take some time away from everything.  I left Boston in December, moved to Alexandria, VA and got a new job in Washington, D.C. and I’ve been trying to just get settled in a new place and figure out a new life and routine and all of that fun stuff.  I love the decision that I made. I love living here – the job is ok…challenging to say the least and most days I end up coming home and just crashing and not having time to do much else.  I marched in the Women’s March on D.C. in January and wore my pink hat and flipped off the White House that day. You know, things that I currently have the right to do, but might not have that right as time goes on.

Second, and I mean this in the nicest possible way, I just needed to step back from the fan scene for a moment. My own personal hiatus or “I-hate-us” as some like to say.  There’s really great fans out there, and then there are really – how do I say it? – INSANE fans who need to check out for five minutes themselves.  I get it, you know? Bands and music are great, but when people cross lines or blur lines – I’m just someone that needs to step back for five minutes and take a breath.  You know who you are. Or maybe you don’t. What do I know?

So I haven’t updated since Dave’s birthday in January.  In that time, many things have happened.  I lost a kitty cat (RIP, Gracie) and then I adopted another (Welcome, Nala).  I quit my really great job in Boston and moved south and started a new job and it’s been eye-opening to say the least. I’ve met really great people and really feel at home here in northern Virginia and look forward to probably spending the rest of my life here. I love it. I’ve had the opportunity to hit both the Black Cat & the 9:30 club for a few shows and podcasts and – what do you know – it looks like in this next week we’ll be getting another new Foo Fighters album.  Couldn’t come at a better time for me. (I’m sure they timed that based on my life.)

I’ll be at the upcoming Anthem venue / Foo Fighters show as well as the Richmond, VA show.  Really looking forward to those shows along with QOTSA at Anthem and then later on my other favorite band CLUTCH at Anthem.  So fall is shaping up to be great!

Really looking forward to getting that new Concrete & Gold album along with all the swag I could buy (Example: “Do I REALLY need to buy the deluxe package? Do I REALLY NEED those Russian Nesting/Foo Fighters dolls?…….” *thinks* – “Don’t be ridiculous, of course you need them.” *Purchase* “Oh, wait… is that a CAMPING CHAIR? A Foo Fighters CAMPING CHAIR?!” *Purchase*

Because I camp.  All the time.  *eye roll*

So I’ve been seeing a lot of people out there on Facebook & Twitter & Instagram who have been looking for the newest issue of Rolling Stone Magazine (American edition) with Dave on the cover.  I guess it’s been a little hard to find in certain areas so I picked up a few extra copies.  (When did Rolling Stone start charging $7.99 an issue?)  Against my better judgement, I’m going to offer them up to those of you who really want one, but are unable to get one.  I held a contest like this a while back for some extra American Airlines Magazines featuring Dave & FF and held a contest via Facebook and sent the magazines off to the winners, but someone that didn’t win – and didn’t like that they didn’t win – accused me of never sending out the magazines and called me a bunch of colorful names and blocked me on Facebook before I had the chance to send her the names and locations of the winners…. so yeah, when I say there are times where I need to step back, it’s because of people like that.

So here are the rules for winning one of the three extra Rolling Stone magazines that I’m giving away:

  1.  Only enter if you are unable to get a copy elsewhere. In the spirit of being a good Foo fan, I truly believe that we should help out one another when it comes to things like this or tickets (selling extras at Face-Value only etc.).  You should help out when possible.  Don’t enter if you’re just being lazy and can’t be bothered to get up off of your ass and go to the CVS down the street to get a copy.
  2. Write me an email telling me your best FF story and why you’re unable to get the current issue – I’ll pick three.  Those will be the winners.  I will send the magazines to wherever you happen to be in the world. I don’t care if you’re outside of the United States.  Send your entry to me at lisa@sweetparamania.com – and be sure to include your name and your location and the winners’ names will be posted here in an upcoming update so that no one can accuse me of offering up magazines and not delivering. Christ, I’m just not going to deal with that bullshit again.
  3. If I find out you entered and in fact had other copies etc., you’ll be disqualified. I’ll choose someone else.
  4. That’s it.  You don’t have to pay for the issue at all.  Just send an email.
  5. Entries are due by this Friday, September 15 – same day that Concrete & Gold is released.

Actual magazines:

So there you go – I hope to be able to update more frequently now that I’m somewhat settled. It’s hard to compete at times since Social Media has just completely blown up since I started this website back in 2004 (it’s insane that this has been online for 13 yrs!), but you know what? That’s ok.  I can only do what I can do and hope that some of you will be interested enough in hanging out and checking out the updates and contributing at times.  I’m always happy to host your photos – share your stories of your FF adventures and offer up advice here and there.  You just have to contact me.  If I can help, I will. If I can’t, I’ll try to find someone that can.  Just know that your requests need to be grounded in reality. I do honestly wish I could help every one of you meet Dave because yeah, he’s awesome….but that’s just not something that I can do.

Looking forward to the upcoming shows and if you see me at either the D.C. / Anthem or Richmond, VA show, please do stop and say hello and let’s chat for a moment or two.  I’d love to meet you.


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Happy 48th Birthday, Dave!

Jan 14

Birthday BoyHappy 48th, Dave!  Once again we’ve put together a little online birthday “book” so that some of your most loyal fans from all over the world can send you birthday greetings.  A little over 100 entries this year from the U.S.A., Japan, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Turkey, U.K., (just to name a few). Thank you to everyone that took the time to write, create, or film a greeting for Dave.

Enjoy, Dave. We love you…..and happiest of birthdays!

Click the cupcake to see the 2017 Birthday Book.


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Tonight! Drunk History. “Hamilton” episode.

Nov 29

Just a reminder to set your DVRs for Comedy Central’s ‘Drunk History’ tonight as Dave appears in the ‘Hamilton’ episode narrated by Lin-Manuel Miranda.

I’ve had the opportunity to watch the episode, and it’s really one of the better ones (they’re all great, and I’m totally not biased or anything).  Be sure to catch Dave after the first commercial break with his hilarious, “Bullshit. That’s terrible. This guy just wants to bring back the Britissssssshhhhh..” line. 

Here are a few screen caps from the episode.  Drunk History is on Comedy Central on Tuesdays at 10:30pm Eastern, but check your local listings.


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