Dave appears in Jack Black’s “Ghost Ghirls”

Sep 10

I’ve been doing this website for a long time, and you would think that by now, nothing would surprise me about Dave.  I’m about to show you photos of him in really bad 1970s clothes with cocaine ever-so-present around his nose & appearing in a Paranormal Web Series called Ghost Ghirls.

Actually, I’m really not that surprised.

“Ghost Ghirls” is Jack Black’s Paranormal web series and Dave appears with Jack & Val Kilmer in the band “SweetRiver Jackson & the Huckleberry Dogs”.  This just reeks of Dave. ha ha.

I’ve made a few screen shots for you, and then I’ll post links to the web series as well. Click on the links to watch the episodes or to read about it. Enjoy!

Link to first Episode that Dave appears in.

Link to second Episode that Dave appears in.

Link to Ghost Ghirls Series

Also, here’s an article about the show Ghost Ghirls

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  • Andimal1

    Thanks Leecy. Might’ve missed this if not for you

    • You’re welcome!

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