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Feb 03



One minute you’re sitting around, bored to death because there’s nothing to do….not even a new Foo Fighters album or music to listen to, and then like a gift from God, Dave poses for a photo that he tweets to the masses and suddenly it’s becoming the funniest thing online.

This photo was tweeted on Sunday right before the SuperBowl:



…and now we’re all putting our Photoshop skills to the test and inserting Dave into all kinds of situations.


So I proposed a little contest.  Take the photo above and put Dave into whatever situation you can come up with.  I’m going to add them all here in a gallery, but Friday at 6pm NYC time I’ll stop accepting the photos and I’ll put them into a gallery where you can vote for your favorite.  The winner will get some sort of prize. I’m not sure what I’ll send out, but I’ll look into my stash of FF stuff to see what I might have…or maybe I’ll get you something out of the FF store. Something.  We’re kind of stuck here in February with nothing to do so let’s have fun with it.

So send your contributions to me (be sure to include your name) at lisa@sweetparamania.com . I’m not going to put a lot of restrictions up – just remember to be somewhat respectful of Dave. If it’s too over the top I reserve the right to decline it.  Enter as many times as you want.  Keep checking back here because I’ll just keep adding to the gallery.  Here’s what I’ve received so far: (click on photos to expand)

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  • Anne

    Some of these are quite simply fantastic. Thanks Lisa for doing this.

    • disqus_mLm4MA7EQ5

      She didn’t start this game

      • I never claimed to have started this “game” as you call it. It started off on Tumblr and was posted to a lot of accounts on Facebook. I simply made it into a contest..

  • Valentina Saracini

    OMG. The numer 8 is mine! It’s fantastic, thank you Lisa!

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