Dave makes appearance with Chevy Metal in Milwaukee, WI at Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary

Aug 31

When Dave tells you that he’s in town and to get down to the venue, you go.  Or at least LeAnn does.

Dave made an appearance with Chevy Metal at the Harley-Davidson 110th Anniversary in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He and Taylor tweeted this photo:

Taylor & Dave

As I was saying, LeAnn jumped into her car in Chicago and headed up and was lucky enough to see the guys. And Joan Jett was there.  Yeah.  Where was I? At home. Bored.  Learning how to knit.  (Seriously).  LeAnn took the following photos to share with everyone…and they’re awesome.  Thanks, LeAnn.  I swear I’m ready for a new album, tour and all the other fun stuff that Foo Fighters do.  Good times.

Here are a few other photos of Dave from the show:

Dave with Chevy Metal




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