December 02, 2006

Dec 02


I’ve been really sick lately and have spent a lot of time at home with nothing to do so I’ve sort of been adding some things here and there to the band pages. I added some YouTube Videos to the Mission Impossible, Dain Bramage, & Scream pages. It’s really kind of cool to watch Dave on drums pre-Nirvana. I also added some video of Dave on the Andy Dick Show & on Craig Kilborn performing My Hero. There’s also some photos you might want to check out HERE.

Check out our “Dave with Fans” page. It’s growing. If you have a photo you would like to contribute, e mail me. (My address is on that page).

Also, don’t forget Dave’s birthday is coming up in a little over a month! Start working on those birthday book contributions! You can check out the past couple of years birthday wishes in our “photos” section.


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