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Sep 09

I will be the first to tell you that I am indeed one lucky girl.  I admit it.

I’ll share my Denver, CO Foo-story with you here.

About a year or so ago, my little brother, Steve, moved to the Denver area.  Steve is 6 years younger than me. We have a sister that’s between us – I’m the oldest.

Growing up, my brother and I fought like cats & dogs. Actually, cats & dogs get along way better than we ever did.  When I was 16 with a license, what did I want with an annoying 10 yr old brother?  GO. AWAY.  Me & my friends have important Duran Duran topics to discuss, you know?  John’s hair. Simon’s choice of hairstyle and/or the pants he wore on stage.  Nick’s eye shadow, lip gloss, or various make up issues regarding Nick. IMPORTANT things!!

After I graduated from high school I found myself living away from home and Steve was still in high school. For a small time frame, he came to live with me to kind of get out of our home town that just kept going downhill.  I watched over him and made him go to school and took care of him.  Once he figured out some things, he headed back home.  Everyone has rough patches, you know?

Much later in our lives, we both somehow ended up in Dallas and decided to be roommates again.  He traveled with work a lot and I was always out at a show or doing something so it was good.  We decided to be friends. And it’s nice!

Still, we probably haven’t been as close as we could be.  It’s both of our faults. I remember at one point years ago thinking, “I’m done fighting with him. I have to be the one to back off and not hit back with words etc.”

He’s known for years that Foo Fighters is my thing…and that I have a website…and that I’ve hung out with Dave from time to time.  I’ve had several texts over the years from him, “Can you send me a photo of you with Dave?  I want to show my friend…” So I knew that he was interested, but that was about it.  This kid had never been to a concert.  Never.  It’s not that he doesn’t like music. He LOVES music. For whatever reason he’s just one of those people that’s not in to going to a venue and standing around.  Jesus, if he only knew the hours I’ve stood in lines (you will probably identify with me here!) or stood for hours on a rail at the front.  I love music..and I love a live show. If I had the ability to do it, I’d be at every Foo Fighters show. Every single last one of them. I don’t care.  I love them so much.  Oh sure, people say to me, “You know, after a while you would probably get tired of it.”  Nope, not me.  When I’m at their shows, I can’t think of any other place in the world that I’d rather be.  None.  Hell, I’ve gone to countless shows and I’m still going and I’m sad that this tour is basically over (for me!).

But I digress…….

Enter Sonic Highways on HBO.  I think it was around Christmas that they probably ran all 8 episodes at once, or maybe they were just On Demand and my brother found himself snowed in with my mom in Colorado and “nothing is on TV”.  Oh wait.  There IS something on. And so he tuned in to Sonic Highways.

I got a phone call not too long after that and it was my brother telling me, “I get it. I understand.  That honestly was the best thing I’ve watched in…forever. I loved every bit of it.  Dave’s awesome.”

Welcome to the club, dude.  And mom.  Mom is a die-hard Zac Brown fan. Don’t get me started on that whole Nashville episode that she is totally into because she’s Zac Brown’s biggest fan.  The biggest.  I’m regretting that I didn’t get tickets for her when he was here at Fenway Park.  Damn.

Well, as you know, the tour gets announced…Denver is on the list (two nights!)…Dave breaks a leg…yadda yadda yadda.  Who knows what will happen!

Coincidentally I had scheduled myself to visit Steve around the time that Denver got announced. I adjusted the schedule a bit.  Side story – I actually went to a concert at Fiddler’s Green when I was 18 or 19 with my best friend. We flew up to Denver from Texas.  It was a shithole back then. Thank God they completely renovated it. It actually was kind of nice!

Then my brother starts with the ‘Can we go to the Foo Fighters’ concert?’ stuff. Honestly, I was shocked. Even as much as he liked the series, I never thought I’d be able to blast him out of the house to go to a concert. I was so excited. Hell yes!  Let’s go. I’ll start looking for tickets!  Easier said than done. I couldn’t get my hands on two tickets. The ones that were for sale were more than what I’d paid for a round trip flight.  Contrary to popular opinion, I am not made out of money!  I get to do these things because I use frequent flier miles or load up on hotel room points or whatever.  The other reason I was able to travel so much this summer was because the tour was announced so early that I had time to work, save, purchase travel.

To make a very long story short….my last resort was to ask Dave for tickets.  I will agonize forever about asking someone for help. I don’t like to do it. I’m not good at it. I feel guilty. I don’t want people to think that I’m taking advantage of them etc. etc. I would starve in the streets before asking for help.  I’d already asked Dave for help at Fenway.  And he totally let me in…and I feel like crying about it because I’m silly and I’m just a fan like everyone else and it means so much to me.  (Please excuse the girlie-type feelings pouring out right now).  I don’t know how to tell you how it makes me feel without sounding over the top or silly or whatever. Just know that I’m completely overwhelmed at how kind he is to me.  Really.

So I asked. And again, I was told ‘Of course! Whatever you need!’  *shakes head*

You could not peel my brother off of the ceiling. To use the word ‘excited’ is so completely understated.  And you know what? My brother showed me such gratitude and appreciation the likes of which I had never seen.  I had to remind him that just because you have a pass doesn’t mean that you’ll get to see any of the guys or meet them at all. After all, Dave is still recovering and it’s completely understandable if he plays a 3 hr show that he might want to just go rest afterwards and take care of himself mentally and physically.  So just be thankful that you’re at the show!  He understood.

Steve & his Golden Ticket

Steve’s first concert!

We kind of hung out at “Club Rami” just because it was covered and the sky had opened up and poured down rain.  It cleared up in time for the show though. There were a few sprinkles here and there, but by the time that Foo Fighters took the stage, it was over.  I sported the beautiful plastic poncho, because if this hair even pretends to get wet – it’s frizz city, my friends.

Leecy & Steve

Sporting the latest trends from Milan…

You should know that this venue – towards the stage – is very small.  I think the “pit” held maybe 150-250 people? If THAT many? And trust me when I say that Dave’s throne didn’t have far to travel at all.  A few feet even. I suddenly understood why the pit area sold out immediately or that there were no tickets for that area to be had. Very small. We were a few rows up and still had an excellent view.  Something very wonderful – for me at least happened as Dave & Chris & Pat headed out to the front of the stage to sing “My Hero” – and no, I don’t mean Drunk Anthony….(oh boy).  I mean, Dave spotted me and told me hello right there. Such a nice surprise. My brother was in shock. I think he still didn’t really get what was going on.   He patted me on the back and said, “WOW”.  You can watch here – around 23 or 24 seconds in….


The following photos are from both me & my brother. I’m not going to bother with who took what.  We took them.  Mostly Steve because it was a big deal to him.  These are from both nights in Denver so they’re mixed up a bit.  He also took a bit of video, and I’ve uploaded that over at my YouTube page. (Also, I ended up sorting out some other videos that I’d uploaded recently and I tagged and put better titles on them so feel free to look through the various videos from Boston & New York City).



I will tell you that we did go back after the show and we were lucky enough to spend some real quality time around Dave. There were quite a few people in the room that he was in – in fact, I think we sort of ended up crashing (sorry again!), but about 2o min. or so after we walked in, everyone left which only left my brother and me and Dave was kind enough to sit with us on the couch uninterrupted for at least 45 min and maybe even closer to an hour.  I got to introduce my brother who was a little overwhelmed I think, but calm at the same time.  Dave & I got to catch up a bit and just talk.  The subjects will stay with me & my brother. You have to keep some of it to yourself and just be respectful of the situation.  It was so kind and completely selfless of Dave to indulge us and just hang out with us talking for so long.  It meant a lot to my brother, and even more to me. I’m not even kidding when I tell you that the kid went home and immediately bought up everything merchandise-wise that he could get his hands on at and made me promise to get him stuff from the Chicago/Wrigley show.  (I did.)  And you know, we couldn’t have ended the night without taking a few of these:

I’m so thankful for everything.  I was sad when I had to leave Colorado and my brother.  We ended up having a great time together and I wouldn’t have changed a bit of it.  He continues to call and text all the time now and it’s great!  Enjoy that Wrigley Field hoodie I bought you, Steve. (And special thanks to LeAnn for actually grabbing it up for me since I was unable to!)

I do want to mention that I did go to the Chicago / Wrigley Field show, but when I landed in Chicago, I don’t know what happened as we approached, but I suddenly got this massive, blinding headache and by the time that I got to my hotel on Friday evening, I was in full-on migraine mode. I have had 3 migraines in my life. Once in my early 20s where I remember crawling on my hands and knees to my bathroom.  One a few months back (I think due to medicine I’m taking for my screwed up leg from the Shingles/Nerve Damage) and this one.

I ended up missing two parties in Chicago with two different groups which of course were Foo Fighters fan get togethers and I’m still heartbroken over the fact that I was in a hotel room in bed sleeping.  I was able to go to the show on Saturday, but I walked in to the stadium WELL after the doors had opened – ended up at the back of the field – in the rain – but you know what? I was still there.  And what a great show.  I know how much it meant to Dave – hell, anyone that was there had to know just by his reactions.  I didn’t take many photos or videos because I kind of was still a zombie.  That migraine with the effects lasted several days. I felt like I was hit by a Mack Truck.


Quite a few have asked me why didn’t I ask for a pass in Chicago?  Well, because…. to me it seemed kind of a high-profile kind of show – there were a lot of people there and honestly, I don’t want to overstay my welcome. I have been very fortunate this summer and again, don’t want to take advantage of a situation.  Not to mention, I would have been horrible company!  It’s a thousand wonders how I even made it to the show. I felt so rotten.  I was in much better spirits afterwards and I even ran across the street to the HVAC club to catch a little bit of Meat Puppets:

Meat Puppets  aka "Brothers Meat"

Meat Puppets aka “Brothers Meat”

All in all, a great summer for Leecy. I certainly cannot complain….and my brother is a fan now…a big fan!  I’m happy.

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  • Fluffernutter

    Leecy you are such a lucky girl! Your story growing up with your younger bro sounds very Much like me and my younger brother Kristopher. Duran Duran. Ha. i I cried when Simon got married. My brother and sister will never let me live that down. My brother and I speak every day though and are very close to this day. Writing to tell you our little Foo story from this summer… We (my husband, and 14 year old son) try to see the Foos in many different cities Whenever we can. We’ve seen them about 15 / 16 times, no where near the amount you have but we adore – ADORE Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. Christmas 2014 my husband surprised my son and me with tickets to Wembley. A show at Wembley has always been on my husbands bucket list and there were only one group we would see there… The Foos. So he gives us the tickets, a bunch London guide books, we get our hotel and three plane tickets from Philly to London and we are ready to cross this off my husbands bucket list. Totally pysched! Well, you know what happens next. Concert gets cancelled, we have a family meeting and decide since they were the reason we were going to London anyway, we cancelled our trip!!! Two days before our plane took off! We figured we’d go if they rescheduled and London will always be there! We also had tickets to Wrigley and we had to give them to friends because we had something come up…., I guess there was a higher power telling me not to travel far to see our favorite band this year. Luckily we did see them in Camden, NJ. Anyway, thought I would share my story, I hope Wembley is reacheduled sometime so we can cross that off Mikes bucket list and if not we’ll still follow them whenever and wherever we can. It’s so great to have a band that we all love as a family. Keep doing what you do! I love your fb page. Thanks and keep on keepin on. Vickie McGowan

    • Thanks, Vickie! Sorry that Wembley didn’t work out, but at least you did end up seeing them!

      I would love to see them in another country. That should be a goal for me!

  • Fluffernutter

    Sorry for typos. I’m typing in my phone and my fjngers are fat!!! :/

  • loveluna

    Awwww that is so sweet. You and your brother sound like me and my youngest sister. We are 5 years apart and wanted to kill each other when we were young, now we get along so great, it’s crazy.
    Also I suffer from migraines, it is seriously the worst. When I get them, I have to lay in bed, in total darkness with no sound till it goes away. I have a thyroid issue and that is part of the reason why I get them. I feel your pain 🙁

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