Don’t worry….it’s coming…

Jan 13

(Props to Clutch for the lyrics)..

Just a few things before tomorrow’s big Birthday Book unveiling….

As of right now, it is 2:26pm Eastern (NYC Time).  You can still submit Birthday Book wishes to Dave for his Birthday tomorrow.  I’m closing it down at 6pm Eastern (NYC Time). 

As for when it goes live, I have scheduled the upload to take place at midnight, Pacific Time (Los Angeles). That’s 3am for me, and I will be tucked away, nice & warm, dreaming of unicorns, rainbows, Robert Downey, Jr. as Iron Man and other girlie type things.  So don’t ask or e mail me about it. It’s DAVE’S birthday and I believe him to still be somewhat west coast or maybe a little further out – I’m not sure honestly.  The book is based on Dave’s location. Crazy? Maybe, but I don’t care.

I want to add a few last ‘rules’. 

  1. Submit your contribution in English. Bummer, I know, but I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say that Dave is fluent in it.
  2. NO WORD Docs.  I mean – shit!  It takes me forever to convert that shit. NO. STOP.  .jpg, .gif, .png.  (Or just text)

There’s probably more, but I’m somewhat brain dead at the moment. I worked on the book all weekend so I’m trippin’. 


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