Foo Fighters play Obama Fundraiser.

Feb 16

My beautiful friend, Tai attended the Barack Obama Fundraiser last night and took these awesome photos at the event. Tai tells me that it was an acoustic set with Skin & Bones, My Hero, Walk, Learn to Fly and Everlong as well as Times Like These.  Enjoy, & thanks, Tai!  #Obama2012 :


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  • Tai

    Thanks, Leecy!  This will definitely go down as one of the top ten things I’ve ever had the opportunity to experience.  Still racking my brain to recall if they did do Times Like These, I stand by the 5 songs for sure…but getting older w/ lack of short term and long term memory makes it difficult to retain much of anything. If it weren’t for photos and blogs, I’d question most of what I do. Thanks again!!

  • Thanks for sharing!! I think I would have passed out from being at an event with Foos AND Obama!! Awesome!

  • Great photos.  Thanks to Tai for sharing allowing you to share these.

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