Foo Fighters to play MTV Movie Awards 2011

May 23

Foo Fighters will play their new single “Walk” at the MTV Movie Awards which is held June 5.

I apologize for the lack of updates. I actually got a nice reminder that we’ve been online for 7 yrs now via my Visa card bill from the hosting company.  7 years… that’s insane.  I feel really bad that I haven’t been paying attention to the website lately.  Just blame life and certain situations I’m in at the moment that require my attention.  Everything is good….just crazy.

I do want to mention that after a stress-filled morning last Wednesday, I somehow ended up with concert tickets to see Foo Fighters in September at their Pittsburgh, Buffalo, and East Rutherford, NJ concerts so I’m REALLY excited to be going to those shows. FINALLY I’ll get to see / hear this album live!

Also, I have another blog entry if you’re really bored.

Talk to you soon!


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