Aug 31

The term ‘FooBootyFest’ was coined by Stephanie Estwanick – a regular post-er at our Facebook page. I like it.  It certainly has a nice ring to it.  I’ve had a few days now to gather my senses and try to figure out what the heck I just witnessed.  I’m not going to feel bad talking about it either. My philosophy is: You put your ass on camera for the world to see- I have every right to comment on how AWESOME it is!  In fact, if I may be so bold, I’d like to quote the genius Tina Fey from one of her ‘Weekend Updates’ from long ago. This was Tina speaking about Britney Spears’ ass. For this purpose though, I will take out the name ‘Britney’ and replace it with ‘Dave’.  *ahem*:

“…but I say, ladies, give it up. Dave”s ass looks good. Look at that ass. That is a cherry bomb. You gotta look at that thing through a hole in a paper plate. Dave, in about five years that whole area is gonna blow, so enjoy it now. Have it photographed as much as possible. Rub it with fine oils and liniments…”

It works just as well with his name in there.

As for the whole video… there are moments where I’m completely crying from laughing so hard, and then there are moments where I’ m terrified.  I sort of feel like this:

Beavis & Butthead should have a whole episode dedicated to just watching this video now that they’ve returned.  Other bands out there should just give up promoting anything because no one will top this.  This is why I love Foo Fighters. They don’t give a FUCK. 

Suddenly my plans have changed too.  I find myself – for whatever reason – going to the Buffalo, NY & East Rutherford, NJ shows in September.  Oh, it isn’t as if I haven’t seen Foo Fighters before… it’s just…you know… I have a new appreciation for them. ;-p  See you boys soon!


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