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Oct 06

Hi everyone,

For the first time in months I seem to be caught up here at work (shhh!) and I’ve been wanting to spend more time here and there’s quite a bit of news to share so there’s no better time than the present!  Settle in:

  • Foo Fighters are scheduled to perform all week long next week (Oct. 13 – 17) on David Letterman with special guests who inspired their new album.  I’m a month behind. I’m scheduled to be in New York City from November 13 – 17 so this sucks for me.  (ha).  TUNE IN to Letterman next week!
  • On November 11, Dave will perform in Washington DC at a Veterans Day Celebration (The Concert for Valor) is being hosted by Starbucks and HBO, which will open up their signal to cable subscribers nationwide during a live telecast. The show is at 7 p.m. on the grounds between the Capitol and the Washington Monument.  The concert will be free and open to the public.

As you know, Sonic Highways appears on HBO on October 17, 2014. So exciting!  Check out this “Conversation with Foo Fighters” (Please note this might only be available in the states):

So, if you’ve followed my website for over the past 10 yrs, you know that after watching that clip, I just HAD to grab these:

At the risk of sounding like a 13 yr old, I can’t even….that first photo with the flag that says “76” on it is obviously a school portrait and it was taken around 1976 because everyone that attended public schools around that time had that same flag in their photo.  It was celebrating 200 yrs of American independence (1776 – 1976). I have one too. Gotta go look for that.

Rolling Stone magazine dated Oct. 9, 2014 Issue 1219 (John Oliver on the cover)  has this nice little image for all of you that were lucky enough to attend the Foo Fighters – excuse me, The HOLY SHITS show: (Click to enlarge)


And also in Rolling Stone, (Issue 1218) dated September 25, 2014 with (insert obligatory eye roll and yawn) Taylor Swift on the cover – Rolling Stone lists 10 albums you should hear this fall and GUESS WHO is # 1?  These guys: (Click to enlarge)

I know that there are a million other Foo Fighters related things out there because we’re getting close to the premiere of Sonic Highways and the release of the album as well so I’m making a commitment to try to keep up on it all and have more updates etc.

I have been dealing for the better part of two years with health issues that have just kept me down and out and I recently just had to have a serious talk with myself and decide to either continue on unproductively the way that I was or to try to get back to where I once was and live through a lot of the nerve pain/damage that I have and just deal with it somehow. So I’m trying to get back to doing the things that I once loved to do and being a part of this has always been fun for me.  So that’s my goal.  And what a better time to start, huh? With all of the upcoming things that will be out there for us fans, there’s no time like the present.  Some of you have asked about the Birthday Book for Dave’s birthday in January.  Yep.  It’s on.  Stay tuned.

xo ~Leecy

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