Global Citizen Festival in Central Park to End Extreme Poverty

Oct 01

Try saying that title really fast five times in a row… or… try typing it out while on pain medication. I’ll explain in a moment.

Here are some photos from the concert. I’m dedicating these and this post to Kerry Ann Clarke. You rock, sweetheart.  Hang in there! My heart is overjoyed for you – that you had the opportunity this weekend to see the show, meet Foo Fighters and just have fun.  xo Thinking of you.

So yeah, I found myself in the emergency room this weekend as I thought I had been bit on my leg by..something.  A spider? I don’t know. Turns out, I have a beautiful case of shingles.  So here I am.. in a lot of pain, looking lovely I’m sure and I swear I’ve typed this paragraph out five times and I’m still not sure it’s a coherent thought. Painkillers are funny.  Goodnight, all.  or good morning.


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