Happy 45th Birthday to Dave!!!

Jan 14


You know what day it is.  Yeah you do. It’s better than Christmas, Halloween & the 4th of July (sorry  England) all wrapped up together.  It’s….



 It’s so exciting! Remember that one time Dave had a birthday party at Medieval Times and then suddenly the idea of ‘Them Crooked Vultures’ was formed?  I mean, think about it…what’s going on right now?! What amazing super groups are being formed AS WE SPEAK?  The possibilities are endless!

Ok, Ok.. we’ll get to the birthday book, but first I want to thank a few people for helping me out with some design for the book.  Billy Chase, Dori Frank & Marco Fantin of Foo Fighters Italian Fan Club.  You all stepped up and helped and I really appreciate it more than you’ll ever know. We’ll all get together some day and dinner is on me.

There are a few things I want to mention about this Birthday Book for Dave. 

  1.   Everyone that submitted a birthday greeting expects a Foo Fighters album and tour THIS year. No exceptions. So you might want to get busy on that, Dave.
  2.   ‘Fresh Pots’ still lives on in infamy.  You may have escaped Mentos being thrown at you in concert, Dave, but you will NEVER live down Fresh Pots.  These are facts.
  3.  And finally – everyone of us here love and admire you, Dave.  The world is simply a better place because of you.  You do so much for us that we’re happy to wish you a birthday full of fun, love, and yes, Fresh Pots. (See?)

The book includes Videos this year.  Such creative and touching videos – it really makes the book a little extra special.  I hope in the years to come that there will be more videos.  

Finally, thank you, everyone who took the time to sit down and design, write, or record your greeting.  You, in fact, ROCK.  I just want to say that we’ve been doing this for maybe 6 or 7 yrs now, and I noticed that someone has taken the idea and Simon LeBon of Duran Duran has an online birthday book now.  Hey, I’m a Duranie just as much as the other teenagers from the 80s, but uh… we were first.  And Simon never made a Hot Buns video.

We’re also going to try to get this trending world-wide on Twitter:  #HappyBirthdayDaveGrohl – we’ve done it before.  Tweet that along with all of your tweets today!

So here you go, nerds.  Your 2014 Birthday Book for Dave.  Enjoy.  See you next year!

~LeecyHappy 45

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  • Keli RetzlaFF

    Amazing! Great job, Leecy, and everyone else!

  • Tania Brisson

    Thank you for the great job!

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