Howard Stern and SuperBowl 48

Feb 03

This Howard Stern birthday party… it looks like it was the place to be! Holy Cow.  I pulled the photos of Dave for you, but if you want to get an idea, go to the SiriusXM website and just check out the photos. I’m just sayin’:  Robert. Downey. Jr.   Jeez.  I wish he’d come to MY birthday party.

From what I can gather, it seems that Dave played “Everlong” and then was interviewed by Howard and then played “My Hero”.  Then I believe (I could be wrong) that Dave played drums and Steven Tyler sang “Walk this Way”.  I haven’t had a chance to listen, but if you want to, go here and select “Listen on Demand”.  I’m sure that is going to run at some point all week on Sirius XM Radio.  Here are some photos of Dave at Howard’s Birthday Party:



Also, Foo Fighters played the night before the SuperBowl in New York City. Here’s a nice little article about it from Rolling Stone Magazine.  And it looks like Dave was able to attend the SuperBowl as he ‘tweeted’ this photo yesterday:

davesuperbowlLooks like a fun weekend!  Really looking forward to maybe seeing some Foo Fighters this year.

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