January 14, 2007

Jan 14

Well, the day has finally arrived! I officially declare today, January 14: World Dave Grohl Day. And I have the authority to do it too! It’s the man of the hour’s 38th birthday! It’s a celebration, bitches!

Who says January is the most boring month of the year?! I say it’s a busy time for me and I actually enjoy working on our traditional Dave Grohl Internet Birthday Book. This is our third year and I’m all ready making plans for year 4! Ok, I might rest for a few months before actually thinking about it but it will definitely be back in 2008.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to sit down and write, draw, or design all of the amazing contributions. I have bugged everyone to get their stuff in for over a month now and I think it was completely worth it. Dave is most definitely loved, admired, adored, and cared for by his fans.

So, without further ado, please step up to the Box Office and buy your ticket for the Birthday Book… take a seat, turn up your sound (one of the pages actually has sound… oooooo!), pop some popcorn, grab your drink… put on your party hats and enjoy the show…. it starts immediately.


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