January 14, 2011

Jan 14

Happy Birthday, Dave!!!

Let me tell you…this date comes around faster for me than I suspect that it does for Dave. I start planning this day out in October just to get organized and round up birthday book entries from fellow Dave fans. In fact, I’ll close the book on 2011 and then it will literally take me the rest of the year to come up with my ‘theme’ for next year’s book. It’s all worth it though! ’cause it’s DAVE’S BIRTHDAY!!!

If you have a Twitter account, we’re trying to get #HappyBirthdayDaveGrohl trending world wide. It’s total nerd, but then, so is Dave! ;-p So anytime you ‘tweet’ today, be sure to add that hashtag and sentence!

So thanks to everyone that took a few moments, hours, or even days to sit down and become a little bit creative or was just thoughtful enough to say ‘Happy Birthday’. Who doesn’t like to hear that on their birthday? We even had someone in the hospital on some serious medicine bugging their mom to bring them a laptop to finish a birthday wish! This year we had more entries than any previous year. Over 165 entries! Simply awesome.(Big thanks & shout out to Brazil. Dave please go play a show for them before they lose their minds.) I say it every year. Dave is LOVED.

Extra special thanks to Elle in Germany who came through again with all of the graphics you’ll see for the theme, and as always to my friend Kevin in Texas who actually did my photoshop entries for me on his birthday last weekend. Thanks also to Karina at FooFighters Brazil online for gathering up all of the contributions over there & to Jamilia in Belgium who helped out with the FF Postboard contribution.

So without further ado, please grab some popcorn & your favorite drink & sit back and enjoy the show. Just remember that with so many entries, you might need to refresh the ‘Fan Contributions’ page as it might have a tough time loading the first time you access it.

Happy Birthday, Dave. You are loved, adored, worshipped and ok, you’re even kind of a cool guy. I for one am proud to say that I’m a fan.

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