July 23, 2006

Jul 23

I added a few more pics of Rachael’s Hyde Park photos.

Phil sent some in as well. Thanks, guys!

Dysis made some cool Dave wallpapers for your computers. Check them out HERE. We also have avatars on our downloads page. If anyone else wants to create some wallpapers and have me host them, please send them to me at Lisa@sweetparamania.com .

This has to be my favorite page that I have made here in a long time. (Second only to Dave’s Birthday Wishes Page this past year.) We have a lot of ‘regular’ members at our postboard who were lucky enough to catch a few of the Foo Fighters Acoustic shows out on the West Coast. I demanded they take some pictures together; get some group shots with the guys if they could. They all turned out great and I wish I could have been there to meet up with them. Don’t worry though, a bunch of us will be in full force at the Atlantic City rock show (me included) so I’m sure we’ll add more to these. I know there are some more photos out there too, they just haven’t been uploaded yet.

That’s all I have for now. Have a great week, everyone!


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