Lollapalooza … or “Mud-apalooza”.

Aug 09

I just want to take a moment and again thank everyone that voted in the contest that eventually sent Emily & me to Chicago & Lollapalooza.  We really had a great time and it really just meant a lot to me & Emily that you would help us out & get us there.  We had a blast!

I have a few (ha) photos here for you. I took a little bit of video, but I really didn’t spend too much time with the camera in my hand because this time around I really just wanted to be able to enjoy the shows.  I think I ended up taking maybe 3 or 4 photos at the Lollapalooza show (of Foo Fighters) just because we were so far back…and also I knew that it would be available to watch on YouTube so I know that there’s a lot of media out there for you to get your hands on & I know it’s got to be a million times better than anything my camera could do.

Emily & I spent most of the weekend with our friends LeAnn & her husband, Doug, and they were such great tour guides for us. Thanks, you two for carting us around and showing us the sights and hanging out with us.  Let’s do that again soon.

We had a great hotel there in Chicago:
…and we also had a chance to do some sight-seeing and a tiny bit of shopping, but for the most part we were catching shows. I have to say also that I really like The Joy Formidable.
Of course the Metro show was Saturday night & we had tickets (luckily!!) to go. Very small club & an awesome show!!  Before we were allowed to stand in line, we headed down the street for some dinner & then we also checked out the Cubby Bear. If you know some Dave-history – it was the first place he ever saw a rock show.  Naked RayGun was the band.  I took a few photos….

We finally were allowed to stand in line for the show a little after 6pm.  You know we were first ones there & I think at one point Doug & our other friend Brad sternly cautioned anyone who took it upon themselves to try to inch in front of us.  Not gonna happen.  I mean, what else were we going to do?  It’s not like Chicago has beautiful sight seeing and/or other things to do. Foo Fighters are in town. We’re standing in line!!
Here are my photos from the Metro show.  I did take a couple of small videos. You can access them by clicking on the YouTube guitar pick on the website.  Enjoy:

Here are a few photos from Lollapalooza. Again, didn’t take very many.  I like that one of the sandwiches that you can consume is called the “Probot”.  Also, I’m sure you know that the heavens opened up and poured down rain on us and by the end of the show we were just completely covered in mud. I’m not going to lie….it was disgusting because the smell alone was enough to kill a horse out there.  I can count on one hand the times in my life that I’ve thrown up and I thought for five seconds that I would be adding to the tally.  Literally it smelled like shit. I was sure someone just said ‘fuck it’ and did that. Ug!  Only for you, Foo Fighters ..will I stand in disgusting mud in the pouring rain and still have the time of my life.  Don’t be fooled though… I took the Silkwood Shower afterwards.  (Look it up if you don’t know what I’m referring to)…and now I have this itch on my foot that will not go away and I just know that it’s something from that mud. Excuse me while I go vomit for the 4th time in my life. I’m thinking about all of those people that were covered from head to toe in that mud and how they must be itching all over. Blech!



I should have a few more photos coming soon from LeAnn and also I have a copy of ‘Time Out Chicago’ magazine that has an interview with Dave. I will post that in the next few days as well.   Looking forward more than ever to the upcoming east coast Foo Fighters shows this fall.  See you there!

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  • All the pictures are
    fascinating. I liked all the photos. The events photos are rocking. Yes looking
    those pictures I don’t have any confusion that you guys had a great time there.
    See you with new post 🙂

  • I think some of these are in the top ranking of best pictures ever of Dave!  You got some really great shots. I’m so glad you got to go!  Can’t believe that disgusting picture of the field of mud!

  • These are fantastic pictures of @foofighters at the Metro. Thanks Leecy @sweetparamania!

  • Those are some fab photos from the Metro show.  Mudapalooza is definitely the best description of Sunday, but who cares when your watching Foo Fighters.  Thanks for the photos.  I can’t believe it was a week ago.

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