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Apr 04

There’s been much going on in the world of “Foo” and I apologize for not updating quicker, but I started being a pouty little nerd about not getting the Foo Fighters film here in Boston. Still a little hurt over that one and the fact that I won’t be able to not only see the film, but the live 3D show afterwards.  Total bummer .. I’m hurt, really.

So since the weather was quite nice over the weekend I took a stroll around Harvard Square and of course found myself at the newsstand and loaded up on about $30 worth of magazines.  Consider this as me sharing my pain (?) with you.

And I still may be considering heading down to New York City for the weekend since FF will be playing SNL, but not totally sure yet.

First up:  Entertainment Weekly magazine dated April 8, 2011.  A nice little review of “Wasting Light”: (Click images to enlarge)








Nylon Magazine (or that could be Nylon Guys magazine, I’m not sure) has a nice cover & story.  It’s funny because on the cover it says ‘not for girls’ which is just dumb. Just really, really dumb because more girls than boys will buy this magazine based alone on the cover photo & I’m living proof.

Here are the photos, and then I scanned the article as well – link will be provided after the pics…



Click HERE for Nylon Scans (pdf format only – requires Adobe Acrobat)





Billboard Magazine, dated April 02, 2011 features Foo Fighters.  This magazine is gigantic in size so scanning these photos was no easy task.  Therefore, if you would like to read the article…..well, I believe they actually have it up on their website.  Please do not make fun of my photoshop skills because I had to piece these photos together …t’was no easy task.


That’s all I’ve got, kids.  Enjoy your MOVIE tomorrow.  *pfffft*

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  • Seriously?1 No Back and Forth in Boston?! That is fucking madness!!! That’s a major metropolitan area!! I live in the San Francisco Bay Area; I figured I could just go to the city. It would for sure be there. But I’m going to somewhere further into the bay. Fine with me. But I’m sorry you’re going to miss it!!! </3 You're so awesome Leecy! Sweet Paramania makes me smile everyday! <3

    • I wish I was making it up, but I’m not. I’m really crushed.

  • Anonymous

    Seriously not cool that you of all people has to miss out on the movie. 🙁

    • I’m not going to recover on this one.

  • love the round up and i have thought about you…going tomorow and im excited about the show after. kind of wondering BUT not complaining, that pensacola fl got a viewing and not you.

    • I don’t understand it either. The closest would be New York City for me, and that’s just not possible in the middle of the week. Bummer!!

  • Our newsagents dont stock much in the way of music mags. Thanks so much Leecy for sharing these pics & interviews with us.

    • You’re certainly welcome!

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