New fan photos!

Oct 04

You guys and your awesome cameras…. Actually, I’m beginning to think it’s the photographers and not the cameras. I’ll be the first person to tell you that I stink at taking photos.  So I shall live vicariously through your point-and-shoot skills.

Teri sent in her photos from the St. Louis Foo Fighters show.  Amazing!! Notice that there are other Foo Fighters in these photos. I’m feeling generous. I’m willing to share the site with other Foos.  I’ll dedicate the photos of Chris to my new friend Liz who is basically obsessed with him… ;-p


Here are a few photos sent in from Emily who was at the East Rutherford, New Jersey show.  Thanks, Em:

Ami sent in her photo with Dave and assures me that he made this face on purpose.  You be the judge:

Thanks, Ami.  I’ll add it to the ‘Dave with his Fans‘ page (my favorite page on the website!).  If you would like your photo w/Dave included, send it to me at


Jennifer sent in a few videos that she took at the IZOD / New Jersey show:


Thanks, everyone!  Have a great time at the upcoming shows!!

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