NYC Perspective on “Let’s Get Kerry to NYC”; Foo Family Fund Raiser

Oct 17

Hi Everyone,

This is a follow up to this post.  Just to give you an update (if you’re unaware), several thousands of dollars were raised, Foo Fighters items were auctioned off (including donations from Sound City Movie!) and Kerry and Luci were able to get to New York City, and had quite the time out on the town (including a run-in with one Mr. Grohl and the rest of the FF!)

Sometimes it’s hard to forget how good and decent people can be. This is a nice little reminder of that.  Lynn was kind enough to write up the following story of the time that she got to spend with Kerry. Thank you, Lynn, Joe, and every single person that donated, sent good wishes or thoughts or even just hoped beyond hope.  Enjoy: (and I believe Luci is writing something up as well, so I hope to have her perspective as well as photos to share!)

Get Kerry Ann Clarke to NYC…The NYC point of view…

The story begins with “The Foo Family”, without them there simply is no story.  A few months back my boyfriend Joe Lay joined an online Foo Fighter Fan Group called “Foo Family”.  He would tell me about all of the people and I listened without much interest.  He told me about  Kerry’s story and invited me to join the group, within 5 minutes I fell in love with these people.  In the Foo Family, nobody cares if you are attractive, fat, skinny, poor etc…All that matters is that you LOVE Foo Fighters.  The selfless work and support by these individuals made another persons dream come true.  Separated by oceans, people from all over the world stepped up to help a stranger, knowing only that she was sick and she loved Foo Fighters.  Dave has been called in countless interviews, “the nicest guy in Rock n Roll”, so for me it is not a huge surprise that the nicest guy also has the nicest fans in the world.

As the day approached that they would tell Kerry what was happening for her, Joe got very involved, using our address to have cards for Kerry sent to NYC so we could give them to her when she arrived.  On the day Kerry and Luci arrived we went to the hotel to meet them, exhausted and still fairly shell shocked, the girls had just enough energy to say hello and go straight to bed but it was important to us that we be there to welcome them.  It was evident from the very first meeting that we were part of something special and that this woman was special.

The day of the show, The Global Citizen Festival, we had VIP 1 tickets which afforded us access to a VIP tent back area where we HOPED to rub elbows with the band.  Kerry and Luci were given VIP 3 tickets which did not give them the same access, Joe was heartbroken that they were not with us.  We sat there feeling guilty with another Family member we met, Rebekah Lynn Baez from California, wishing we could get them back there with us.

The show was over, we waited to meet the girls as they came out of the show, I saw them, asked how they liked the show and they screamed, “we met the band before the show and we are invited back!”.  We were thrilled hearing this, but Kerry being Kerry, felt bad that we could not join them, we assured her we were fine and that this was for her and she needed to go do this.  The other girls went to the ladies room leaving Kerry with myself and Joe, and she completely broke down.  She could not believe what was happening, she said, “I am nobody special”, I quickly corrected her and said, “you are special and that is why this is happening”.  With that, we sent the girls off to hang out with the band.

We sat at a bench waiting, hoping by chance they might call and say, “come on back!”, they didn’t…Finally Rebekah and Joe said, “let’s just walk that way they have to come out that way, this way they will find us”, so we walked.  We walked and kept walking, nobody stopped or questioned us, I turned a corner and I saw Pat Smear, I screamed, “Pat Smear!”, and quickly hugged him and got a pic.  There we were, hanging out by the dressing room, we met the whole band, took pics and chatted a bit.  When Kerry and Luci emerged from the tent, they were shocked to find us there, it was a joyous reunion.

It was an incredible experience start to finish, we did our best to play ambassadors to all of our out of town guests and spent as much time with them as we could.  The memories I have I will cherish my whole life, second only to the Amazing people I have met, in person as well as online.  Joe and I will be going to the UK in April for the Foo Family’s next meet.  We cannot wait to meet the people we have so quickly bonded with all because of the love of one band…The Foo Fighters…


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