October 02, 2008

Oct 02

Hi Everyone,

I swear to you, I have not abandoned this website. I know that I have said that over and over and only manage one update a month if I’m lucky. It has been an interesting year in the life of Leecy and that’s all I’ll say about that!

In the ‘please hit me…what was I thinking?’ department.. I did not go to the recent Las Vegas shows as it seems everyone else DID and of course, ran into what’s-his-name by the pool as documented by these photographs:

That’s our friend Kathryn or “KnoxyMama” as we like to call her and her friend Gabrielle. These look like honeymoon photos to me but what do I know? I didn’t go – I thought I’d stay behind in this fantastic Boston weather as it rained and was miserable. Clearly I’m a genius. So if you were hanging out by the pool and got your photo taken with Dave…well, send it along to me and I’ll put it up in our ever-growing ‘Dave with his Fans’ page.

Joe Tone sent over a link to a review for the Red Rocks Foo Fighters shows. You can read that HERE

Elle – you remember her – she designed the whole website – has made some more wallpapers and I kind of like Dave wearing a shirt advertising the site.

Elle also sent me some photos from the Berlin Foo Fighters show and I will have those up soon among other things.

Also, just to get you thinking about it – Dave’s 40th Birthday is January 14, 2009. If you’ve hung around our site for any time, you know that we celebrate Dave’s birthday like it was the second coming of Christ or something so start thinking about your birthday book contributions because we will have prizes again this year for best entry. Also, I haven’t chosen a theme for my entry this year and I am gladly taking suggestions as I feel I have no more creativeness in me. I’ve peaked is what I’m saying. Help.

Dust off that photoshop and get to work. The official announcement will come after Thanksgiving (that fantastic American holiday!) which is the end of November.

Happy Halloween, Freaks!

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