Our Ms. Brooks…

Oct 24

When I was a wee little girl, my mom used to tell me stories about growing up without a TV and how they listened to programs on the radio and her favorite show was ‘Our Ms. Brooks’ which was about a school teacher or something – I don’t know- I was probably too busy watching the Brady Bunch or something to pay attention, but this is our version of ‘Our Ms. Brooks’:

The amount of ‘awesome’ that is in this photo is staggering.  There can really be no more awesomeness added.  I’m so super happy that Jill (Foo Fighters Postboard and website administrator) was chillin’ out for a bit with her boss at the Oakland, CA.  Foo Fighters show.  I love it!

And of course, to add to the awesomeness of Jill… she brought her daughter Megan as well, and here she is with Dave too:

You think MY MOM would have taken me to a Foo Fighters show?  Pfft.  My mom thinks I’m nuts as it is (in a good way).  My mom was into Elvis.  Seriously. Megan, do you know how lucky you are?? ;-p

So kids – if you have your photo with Dave, send it in to me and I’ll add it HERE.

Seriously, Megan. You’re lucky. Go hug your mom right now. Then go clean your room… or whatever it is you kids don’t do these days.


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