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Sep 06

Hi all,

I received this e mail today from Julia, whom I have known for a while online.  Julia is part of a group that calls themselves “Foo Fam” on Facebook and you can certainly click that link and get more information. The following is in Julia’s words and she asked that I share with you all.  Please know that you are welcome to help in any way possible: monetarily, suggestions, donations…anything.  Please – if you have any questions, contact Julia at the following e mail address: – and you can donate via PayPal to that e mail as well. 

From Julia:

My friend Kerry Clarke is 43 and has terminal cervical cancer. She has had everything removed that they can to slow things down but they are unable to remove a tumour on her femoral artery and stopped chemotherapy in February. She was told today that the tumour has begun growing again and is due to be re-scanned in the coming weeks to see how much it has grown.
She is a MASSIVE Foo Fighters fan, and has been since they started out, and a Nirvana fan prior to that. She finally fulfilled her lifetime wish to see Foos live last month, and is desperate to see them again.
She’s currently in the process of selling everything and anything she can in order to raise the cash to see them play in New York at the end of September, which will be one of their last shows in a long time, and she is aware this is probably the last chance she’ll get to see the band.
We are part of a group on facebook called the Foo Fam, there are around 500 people in there and we genuinely consider the active members to be like family. We are holding a meet-up on September 21st for around 45 members and are planning on holding an auction and raffle for Kerry to raise money for her trip and to help her out as much as possible. She will hopefully be able to raise the money for her flight herself, and has booked to stay at a YMCA in NYC when her and our friend, Luci, get there. Any cash we raise will hopefully make her trip as memorable as possible, and at the moment she is unaware we are trying to raise the extra cash. Some of the members are the biggest Foo fans I know, and are willing to part with treasured memorabilia in order to help raise money. I feel like this is pretty special and that people (some of whom we have never met in person) are willing to donate money and/or possessions to make this happen is amazing to me.
Kerry is a lovely lady – Basildon born and bred – with two wonderful children. Her youngest is 18 today and has no idea of the latest news. She has never left the country before and has applied for a passport solely for this trip. She is the kindest and most lovely person I know, and has a heart of gold. She has been a great friend in the time I have known her and I would honestly do anything for her.
More than anything I am desperate to make this trip amazing for her. She’ll be happy just to see the band but through friends and friends of friends we’re hoping to enable her to experience as much as she can while over there, whether it be a nice meal out, a night in a nice hotel or an experience or day out while there.
What I am hoping is that there might be some way of making this all slightly bigger, either with bigger prizes or donations, or just ideas as to how we can raise more cash!
At the moment we are brainstorming on how to go about all this and obviously we are working with limited time as the gig is at the end of September. If you have any ideas on how to go about this or contacts that may be willing to help, even anything you are willing/able to donate either as prizes for the raffle or for Kerry herself, it would be welcomed with open arms.
If you want or can donate it can be sent via paypal to
Thank you for reading


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