Screen caps for ..something..? I don’t know.. naked butts.

Aug 29

Things I learned today:

  • I will do anything when it comes to Foo Fighters – even jeopardizing my job to create screen caps of naked Foo butts. I work in a Children’s Hospital for Christ’s sake. What is wrong with me??
  • Taylor has a tramp stamp.

My best friend just text messaged me and said, “Did Dave drop the soap?”  She also wants to know where the hell the Dallas, Texas concert date is??

So here’s the screen caps for Fresh Hot Buns… I have no idea what this video is for… tour dates? Maybe. I don’t know whether to laugh really hard or just vomit.  Laugh.. I think. Let me go watch again a few more times.  I saw your booty, Dave!  ;-p


How the hell am I supposed to work the rest of the day?  In case you missed it…

Thanks for my early birthday present, boys.  And Christmas…New Year’s…Valentine’s day…

And yes, by all means.. keep that shit clean.

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  • Anonymous

    It seems more pervy looking at the still pictures because I can really focus in.  I haven’t decided how I feel about that yet.  I’m leaning towards being okay with it. 😉

  • I thought that the Low video was the scariest one… so I was wrong…

  • I can’t stop watching this on UTube…and I have the same question…where are the Dallas dates?  Or anywhere in Texas for that matter, since I will have to drive where ever they happen to play…Love, love the video tho…

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