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Feb 06

Hey there,

Well, I’m back from Los Angeles and finally getting around to updating the website. I had a really nice time – it was good to get away for something fun for a change, and even though the trip was a bit rough on me due to my stupid leg…well, it was worth it. Definitely.

First of all, before I get started, if you haven’t seen Sound City yet, well, what are you waiting for?  You’re going to fall in love with this movie.  It’s just GOOD. So here is the link to purchase:

Sound City Movie


Pre-Order DVD Blu-Ray available March 12, 2013

So, just to kind of tell you about my trip:

I took my best friend, Joey with me. She wasn’t about to miss this one. We flew in to LA from Dallas / Ft. Worth on Thursday morning (7am flight – arrived around 8:30am Pacific) and rented our car and headed to our hotel in Hollywood. We weren’t there for five minutes before deciding to hit up the little cafe in the lobby for breakfast.  Joey looks over and says, “See the guy against the wall? I think that’s Hugh Laurie.  Dr. House!”  I looked at him and while I did think it looked like him, I refused to believe it was him. I mean, I was ONLY in Hollywood, CA. I can’t imagine anyone famous being there.  Long story short – after going back and forth with ‘is it??!’ ‘no!’ ‘yes!’ – I asked our waitress and she confirmed.  So I took a stealth-type photo and then posted it on Facebook where Joe Beebe replied and told me to quit acting like a stalker.  🙁  Photographic evidence of Dr. House:

You know what? I never even watched one single minute of House. I was more excited to see one of the guys that appeared in the “University Challenge” episode of the Young Ones.  Look it up. It’s him.

Ok – so after a little nap to get caught up on not sleeping the night before, plus the trip out – we headed over to the Arc Light Cinema to see Sound City – the movie.  I promise you that I wasn’t hanging around taking photos of everyone. In fact, I accidentally left my camera back at the hotel so I only had my cell phone.  Oh well. We took a few photos after picking up our tickets. This was on the way in to the theatre:

I managed to get a couple of crappy photos of Dave speaking before the show. It looks like we were really far away, but we were only a few rows back. Oh, and Rick Springfield sat about three rows in front of us (ok, in front of Jill from the Foo Fighters’ message board. I thought she was going to melt.)  If you’ve seen the movie, you know that he talks about some things in the movie that were a little uncomfortable. I kept finding myself looking at the screen and then leaning forward to look at him to see his reaction.  What a jerk I am! It’s so totally obvious that I haven’t been out of the house for 6 damn months!

Here are the pics (crap) of Dave:

Joey was able to get him speaking a little (we did NOT record any movie.. just putting that out there.)

I don’t want to say too much about the movie and spoil it, but I do believe my favorite part was Paul McCartney. When I die and if there is a heaven and I go there, I do believe – in my heaven at least – that Dave & Paul will be sitting on a couch, hugging each other just like in the movie. 
When we left the movie to head over to the concert, I was just standing around talking to some friends when I found out that Joan Jett was standing right behind me.  She’s so tiny and so NICE.  She was so super kind and sweet and agreed to take photos with us. 

Seriously… I was so excited to meet her.  I have a picture in my mind of when I was in the 6th grade and I was in the gym for a pep rally and I was sitting with the band (I was a member..!) and “I love Rock n Roll” was playing through the speakers and EVERYONE was singing and I remember thinking how awesome it was that there was a girl rock n roll singer that everyone was totally into.  Joan Jett!!!! So awesome.

I want to share some better photos from Zimbio of the red carpet arrivals for the movie:

I just love the photos of Dave & Krist.  Awesome.

I took two photos at the concert because again, I left my camera at the hotel….

I took a couple of videos – both while John Fogerty was on stage. This was definitely my favorite part of the show. I was wishing so hard that my brother could have been there with me. We’re total geeks about Fogerty. And he seemed like he was just having such a great time playing and really enjoyed being there and I just loved it. I can’t believe I got to finally see John Fogerty live and I got to see him with my favorite musician, Dave.  What an incredible night!

Here are some much better photos of the concert:

You know what else was great about this trip? I got to put a lot of new faces to online names. It was really great meeting so many people that I have the opportunity to chat with from time to time and people who follow the website.  Not to mention, seeing old online friends that I’ve met up with before. It’s always so nice.  And I FINALLY got to meet JILL.  Finally!!!  And it was just as awesome as I always thought it would be. Jill’s the best.

So this is my official “Hi!!”: Kevin, Lara, Sarah, Amy, Cheryl, Lisa, Tai, Knoxy, Nicole, Gabrielle, Jill, …..shit I know I’m forgetting someone…I don’t mean to.  It was really awesome meeting & catching up with everyone.

I want to share this as well – the 65th Annual Director’s Guild of America was held the night after the Sound City premiere (or maybe even two nights after – I can’t remember), but Dave was on hand. I don’t have too much info on what took place here.  Just thought that I would share a few photos:

So that’s my update… except one more thing…. Joey & I hit the hotel lobby cafe once again after the shows and sat down in a booth. A few moments later, I look up and see her practically jumping out of her seat in excitement.  Turns out John Krasinski (Jim from “The Office” US Version) was sitting in the booth behind me – with his back to me.  So you know… we had to take a picture of his back and me:



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  • Tai

    It was so good to see you!! You look gorgeous – love the hair! What a great night and an amazing experience all the way around! Hope to see you again soon!!

  • HI! So awesome to finally meet you too! We will do it again soon! <3

  • HI! So awesome to finally meet you too! We will do it again soon! <3

  • Thanks for sharing everything! Glad you were able to go and had a great time!! Im so jealous

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