Sound Effin’ City

Jan 23

Guess who’s baaaa-ack…

Little ol’ me.. feeling much better and just in time for the big movie release SOUND CITY!!  Epic!  4 Stars!  It was much better than Cats! I’d see it again and again and again….

If you recall – somewhere on this website, many moons ago, I vowed to be there opening night – even if it meant pressing my ear up against the outside theater wall just to hear it. Well, I’m going. LA.  I’ll be there the 31st!  After 6 shitty fucking months of being sick – spending millions (ok thousands?…fine .. several) of hours in bed recovering – several ER visits to get shot up with.. well, I won’t lie, some really GREAT pain killers…I’m suddenly finding strength from somewhere to get myself in gear and go have some fun for a change!  I feel so happy – excited – lucky – thankful – and I wish everyone reading this could be there with me to witness the epic concert after the movie that is certainly going to take place.

It's for Fucking Real.

So this past week, Sundance film festival has been taking place in Park City, Utah and the movie premiered along with an amazing concert following the showing. There are all sorts of YouTube videos out there – particularly the ones with Rick Springfield that makes a girl like me who grew up as a teenager in the 80s just a tiny bit giddy….but I found myself only watching one because I think I just want to experience it live before watching too much online.  So if you’re so inclined – get out there and search.


I know that Rick Springfield and some of the other excitement about other musicians (Stevie Nicks) has been the talk of the town, but I’m personally looking forward to John Fogerty. My brother and I have always been massive fans of him.  Why?  I don’t know. We JUST. ARE.  We used to watch the video for “Old Man Down the Road” over and over and over following that orange cord through the video and couldn’t understand how the heck they made the video at all.  Genius!  Sadly, my brother won’t be able to be at the show and won’t get to see him.. UNLESS our friend Dave decides to take this crew on the road, HINT HINT.  But I digress…

Here are a few photos from the concert after the Sundance premiere (standing ovation no less)…..




Also, Sundance Cinema Cafe / Times Talk held a live interview with Dave and if you missed it, you can watch the archive HERE. I also have some photos here:




One more photo that is circulating around from @JoshHorowitz ‘s Twitter account:


Great photo…  Makes me happy.  🙂

So everyone – that’s a tiny bit of an update. Hopefully if you’re at the show in LA too, we can say hello to one another. I have changed somewhat and have short, blonde hair so look for me and say hello if you can. It’s always nice to meet in person.  I hope to have a great update for you on the upcoming show and movie. I’m just really happy to be able to go and have a great time.  Talk with you all soon.


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