Foo Fighters on David Letterman all week (Monday – Wednesday’s Shows)

Oct 16

(I started this update on Monday, but had some technical issues that kept me from uploading photos, so I’m consolidating Monday – Wednesday / David Letterman here. I’ll have another update tomorrow for Thursday’s show and another on Saturday for Friday’s show).


If you aren’t aware, Foo Fighters are the house band on David Letterman all week long.  Monday night’s show featured FF with Zak Brown and they performed ‘War Pigs’ (Black Sabbath).  Here’s the video (I believe it’s only available in the U.S.A.)


Dave also sat down with..Dave…and here are a couple of videos here:




Here are a few screen shots that I grabbed:

Entertainment Weekly Magazine dated October 17, 2014 with Michael Keaton on the cover has a review of Sonic Highways on HBO:


Head over HERE to Rolling Stone to watch Dave and Perry Farrell Cover Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan.


Tuesday’s “Late Show with David Letterman” featured the “Foo Signal”  – which – come on, I’d really like to see this one become a reality.

Ann & Nancy Wilson, aka HEART, joined Foo Fighters for a version of Kick it Out. Check it out below along with some screen caps:

Also last night, the world premiere of “Sonic Highways” took place in New York City and I have a few Red Carpet photos for you right here:

Before I get to Wednesday’s update, it’s time to pay the bills so I’m just going to insert this public service announcement right here:

Ok, that’s better.

Here are some screen caps of that commercial in case you need to dial these fine gentlemen for any Foo Fighting needs:


Foo Fighters with Tony Joe White: “Polk Salad Annie”


This is a web exclusive / extra on David Letterman’s YouTube site. He tells a nice story about his son followed by ‘Miracle’ by Foo Fighters:

Ok, everyone – don’t forget that the first single is out tomorrow off of Sonic Highways (right?) and some really lucky peeps will get to see Foo Fighters at the Cubby Bear in Chicago on Friday after the airing of the first episode of Sonic Highways on HBO – really looking forward to all of the exciting things that are about to happen. No one releases albums the way that Foo Fighters do. It’s a party that’s for sure. I’ll be back tomorrow with updates from tonight’s episode of David Letterman.

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All Rise…..for # 8

Aug 08

The first 8 seconds of the new album?  Niiiiiiiice.

And if you’ve been following Foo Fighters on Twitter and Instagram, you know that they’ve been sending out coordinates and different photos.  I’m not 100% positive, but I do believe that this just might be the cover of the 8th album from Foo.  It looks to have landmarks from all of the cities where they recorded songs and if you look closely, you’ll see the number 8 right there in the middle.  I like it. I give my stamp of approval which I’m quite sure Foo Fighters were waiting with bated breath for my opinion.

Remember that there’s some sort of big announcement on Monday, Aug. 11 from Foo Fighters which is code for dust off your credit card, kids. See you there…!

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Washington, D.C.’s worst kept secret…..

May 12

Maybe about a month or so ago, some of us became aware of a little birthday party that was to take place at the 9:30 Club in Washington, D.C., and was to be hosted by one Dave Grohl.

I’m sure that most of you know by now that this information alone was enough for me to pack my bag, redeem some airline miles and request a few days off of work.

Here’s the poster that accompanied the announcement:


It wasn’t too long until some of us who really have no life started searching the poster for any kind of clues.  And – cryptic as it might be – you know what? We found it:


You see it?  Right there – after “Plus Special Guest”, that little symbol? It looks suspiciously like the symbol on that classic Foo Fighters album, “The Colour and the Shape”.


All I’m saying, dear Foo Fighters, is that you’ve got to get up pretty early in the morning to fool us. Not saying that you were trying really hard either to fool us, but still.  And the ticket sales?  You had to buy tickets in person at the box office and were allowed two total tickets.  And you had to enter the building with the person that bought the tickets to begin with…..  Honestly, it’s kind of nice doing that because you can be sure that scalpers aren’t out to cheat you and people that really love the band are able to be there to enjoy something special like Big Tony’s birthday party. So thank you, Brad, for letting me be your +1 on that night.  I’m forever grateful to you for helping me out.

This time around, I roomed with Liz from Ohio. I adore Liz.  She’s a good egg.  We met up on Sunday at our hotel in Arlington, VA.   No joke, this was our room number: 


I’m going to tell you a little story about her that ended up being worth the trouble she went through.  A few days before we were to fly out, Liz sends me a text message  saying, ‘Someone just told me that there are two airports in DC!  Please tell me that you’re flying in to Dulles!’  Whoops!  “No, I’m flying in to Reagan which is one stop away on the Metro from the Raddison (where we were staying).”  Poor Liz.  Cursing herself…. having to spend around $70.00 on a cab ride one way to and from the airport….but you know what?  On Tuesday, Liz was sitting at her gate at Dulles to fly back home when she heard a kid say, ‘Whoa…Dave Grohl!” and she looked over and saw Dave walking along.  Liz said hello and took this:

Liz and Professor

That’s some serious bad luck turned good luck right there. I promise you Liz doesn’t even care about the money she spent on cabs.  Bonus: Dave in glasses. I’m not the least bit jelly.  *bangs head on computer*

We spent the rest of our Sunday in Washington, D.C. doing some tourist type things.  Saw the Lincoln Memorial, the Washington Monument, and of course popped over to the White House to check in with Barry O. who, for some reason, did not have time to meet with us.

You know what happened on Monday, the day of the concert?  We sat in line.  That’s it.  It was good though because there were quite a few of us that sort of hang out online and at Foo Fighters related gigs together so it was nice to see everyone and get caught up.  We should plan better next time and maybe all get together for dinner or drinks or something rather than yelling down the line to one another.  This was my first all day concert type thing that I had done since I got shingles (ug!) and dealing with my nerve-damaged leg.  I’m glad that I sat in line for the most part because standing at that show was almost too much.  I made it through though.  I would love to be able to do it again in the future, but I’m going to have to consider seats rather than floor stuff because by the time we were out of the show, the pain meds were needing to be consumed.  I’m good though. I’ve rested and I’m much better.

But I digress….

Here are a few photos of the gang hanging out in line, courtesy of Rachel Hearshen:

Oh my God, it says FF!!

Liz's Photo


So Dave was our emcee for the evening, and he came out to speak to us all and tell us about the show.  He mentioned that when he was in “Mission Impossible” that they opened up at a Prom along with Trouble Funk.  (!!!!)

I’m going to do my best to credit everyone with the following photos, but extra special thanks to Cheryl, LeAnn, Liz, Sarah, and Rachel for sending these over to me and allowing me to use them.  I took, what I thought, was the most awesome photo, only to get back to the hotel and realized that my thumb is half way over the photo.  For photo credit, hover your mouse over the photo and it will tell you who it belongs to.

Dave speaking to the 9:30 Crowd:

First up were the “Don’t Need Its” which was Dave on Drums, Pete Stahl on vocals, and Darryl Jenifer & Dr. Know on bass & guitar.  HO-LY shit.  When does THIS album come out because that was fun.  And there’s a video floating around on Facebook by Joe Beebe that shows Pete jump right into Liz, and then me laughing at her.  Good times!  I’m being serious about an album.  

The Don’t Need Its: (and yes, that’s Taylor watching the set).

Hm.. I’m just going through photos now and kind of realized that the only person who took a photo of Trouble Funk was LeAnn.  So LeAnn wins a prize.   I gotta tell you, I was somewhat distracted during Trouble Funk because everyone’s favorite fainter Emily – well, fainted during their set.  She even assured me that she ‘drank her orange juice’ before the show so that it wouldn’t happen.  Emily is fine though and got to watch up from the balcony and probably could breathe a little bit up there too.  She wasn’t the only one – there were quite a few people that fainted because trust me – it was crazy.  And just for the record, I want to state again that Fan Boys are way worse than Fan Girls.  The two guys behind Liz & me…wow.  They had way bigger Dave G. fantasies than some of the girls I’ve witnessed… SOME.

Trouble Funk:


After Trouble Funk, Dave came out again and talked to us as he played guitar and then went into Times Like These where eventually the rest of the band walked on to the stage and joined him. 


I want you to know that every Google Alert that I’ve received this past week has been about how Dave stood on the bar during Monkey Wrench and did a shot.  Really.  So I wouldn’t want to disappoint you.  The best photo of this event belongs to Emily: (Click to Enlarge)


Here are a few more though, if you need them:

A few others:

So after all was said & done, we were all correct in assuming that Foo Fighters would actually end up playing. I was hoping for some new music, but now that I think about it, I’m a little glad that it’s still kept a secret.  It might be just a bit too early to hear new stuff.  And honestly, I hope that it doesn’t leak or anything like that. 

I was looking around for Liz after the show and what do you know:

I still can’t believe Liz ran into Dave at the airport.

So if you’re still reading, I wanted to say thanks for hanging in there for so long… not even just for this particular update, but FYI, has been online for TEN YEARS now (Suck on that, Facebook).   May 2004 was when I uploaded my first photos.  I’ve told the story before, but this was really a project that I started for a web design class that I was taking in college.  I had to have a website to work on, and so I picked Dave because …well, I adored him.  And I was a fan (I still am) and I’ll always be a fan, no matter what.  I’ve been extremely fortunate to meet so many wonderful, amazing people that I now consider friends.  It might not come across much in person, but I really do care (I have a tendency to be shy or withdrawn at times…it’s me, not you.)  And you know what – I’m glad that I picked Dave.  He didn’t have to include me in anything or even talk to me, but he did and he has and honestly, I’ve got to be one of the luckiest people out there as far as fan sites go.  I mean that.  He didn’t owe me a thing in the world, but he’s been so nice to me. I appreciate it. I really do.  And I’m thankful to anyone who bothered to look at my goofy online place and spent their free time here or contributed or cheered me on in any way, shape, or form.  I love you all & I mean that.

So until that next Foo/Dave related thing takes place…… I’ll see you online.



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Video / Foo Fighters at iPhone 5 Event

Sep 13

There’s some weird graphics at the start, but it goes into the performance:

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Foo Fighters play at Apple iPhone 5 Event

Sep 12

Thanks to and The for the photos.

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