Foo Fighters play at Apple iPhone 5 Event

Sep 12

Thanks to and The for the photos.

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Foo Fighters at the Democratic National Convention

Sep 07

Awesome photos from the DNC last night in Charlotte, North Carolina. Thanks to Caro for sending these in!


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Foo Fighters play Obama Fundraiser.

Feb 16

My beautiful friend, Tai attended the Barack Obama Fundraiser last night and took these awesome photos at the event. Tai tells me that it was an acoustic set with Skin & Bones, My Hero, Walk, Learn to Fly and Everlong as well as Times Like These.  Enjoy, & thanks, Tai!  #Obama2012 :


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Guitar One Presents: Foo Fighters

Nov 07

I picked up this nice little magazine in Harvard Square yesterday. I haven’t seen it anywhere else, so you might need to check more locally owned bookstores (not that this will an easy thing to do these days…), but hopefully you’ll be able to grab yourself a copy. 

I scanned a few photos for you – there are some great articles in here. I highly recommend.


I’m gearing up for my annual trip down to New York City for what I like to call ‘Scorpio Holiday’. Every year me & a bunch of friends go to New York to …well, Celebrate ME!!!  It’s usually right before my birthday and this year is no different. This year is especially exciting because I get to include 2 Foo Fighters shows in the celebration.  New York City, Madison Square Garden show and Newark, New Jersey.  Then back to Boston for the Foo Fighters show on Nov. 16 which just so happens to be my birthday as well. Really looking forward to it…. I hope to see / meet many of you at the NY/NJ/Boston shows!

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So how was YOUR weekend?

Sep 30

Because mine was pretty damn good.

Kids……if there’s one thing I learned this weekend .. it’s don’t drink & tweet.  Ok? Especially when you’re just excited about your situation …and you happen to be a lightweight when it comes to alcohol..and you didn’t eat all day….it’s best to stay off of Twitter.  I walk around with the notion that no one pays attention to much I do or say anyway, and the one time I tweet about shots & what have you, the world is listening.  If you’re not sure what I’m referring to, GOOD. Next topic.

So I had myself a little bit of a vacation…headed down to Pittsburgh, back up to Buffalo, & over to New Jersey as well as New York City. People at work now ask me ‘oh, are you going on tour?’ as if I was actually IN the band.

Anyway, I had the BEST time this weekend. The past few months have been kind of stressful,  so it was nice to go and see my favorite band, and I have to thank Dave for being so generous to me and letting me & Veronica and Herb hang out.  I don’t even know if the words exist for how thankful I am to you, Dave. So just.. thank you.. from the bottom of my heart. xo sweet Dave.

I know that everyone wants every single detail, but it’s a bit hard for me to do that. Not that I am selfish or don’t want to share how much fun it was, I just don’t think I possess the skills of informing you without maybe sounding braggy or like a tabloid. I mean, am I supposed to tell you ‘and then we went out into the parking lot and did donuts in someone’s car we stole?’ (This did not happen.. it’s for entertainment purposes only.) How do I keep it simple and respectful, you know? And when I think about it – there’s no way that I could convey to you a funny story I might have heard him tell, because I myself am not really that funny…and we all know Dave has that knack for telling a good story.  I would do it no justice. Consider yourself lucky I don’t ruin all of the funny things Dave did or said when I was around. You’re welcome, NERDS.

Let’s talk about Foo Fighters. If you have even the slightest chance of seeing this show, you’d better go. Just go.  Go right now. Even if they’re not playing tonight, find out when the next show is – download the iPhone app so you can keep up with the schedule, and then go stand in line right now.  Oh sure there might be a hockey game going on, and it might be awkward that you’re the only one with a White Limo t shirt on next to all of those hockey jerseys (are they even playing hockey right now?), but my friends, you will thank me. You’ll actually e mail me, ‘Leecy, OMG you were so right. I was right by the rail and I swear Dave smiled at me’ and I’ll say, ‘yes, dear Foo friend, now where are your photos? … where is your PROOF that you were there?? Send them in to me so I can get them up on the website.’ And here’s another thing: Make signs. Make signs for Dave. I personally witnessed him complain to the audience that he never gets ANY signs.  Pat even got a sign at one of the shows that just said simply, “Pat’s Sign”.   Really people?  No one is making signs for Dave? What’s wrong with you?  I can’t do everything!! You’re going to have to get in there and get it done.  Get creative. You want him to look at you and point or smile, right? You want acknowledgement from Dave, right?   Make a sign. HELL, even THIS happened back by the smaller stage in the back at the Buffalo show:


That REALLY happened!  I swear to you this photo was taken moments after Dave’s sign mentioning. I was hoping that Dave saw it. I don’t know. I forgot to mention it to him.

So where do I begin?  At the beginning I suppose.  As I said, the first show was Pittsburgh so I went back to talk to Dave before the show. There’s a nice little article with a bit of info that took place at that time right HERE

Here I am with Dave.  If you want to hang with us, there are some rules.  First – you must wear a long sleeved, black shirt. must have long brown hair. Third…teeth.  That’s it. That’s the requirements.  Gus snuck in, but I forgive him.


Looking through my photos of all three shows… I ended up taking the same pictures over and over.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t take too many either. I just really wanted to watch the show and enjoy it without having to constantly be looking through a lens.  There were some great moments though. Let’s start with Pittsburgh:


Ha ha:

 Dude…I don’t know what you were trying to tell me here, but this is funny to me.

More Pittsburgh:



 This is a video taken by my friend Veronica with her iPhone: (Stacked Actors)



Here is MY version of Stacked Actors from my camera:

Long Road to Ruin:


Veronica and I  headed up to Buffalo on Saturday.

I didn’t think that the Pittsburgh show could be topped….it was great, but Buffalo…awesome.  I had a nice moment there too, but first …photos:

Krist Novoselic was at the Buffalo show and played accordion on two songs. This is off of the top of my head…I believe it was “These Days” and “Skin & Bones.”  Correct me if I’m wrong.  I thought it was extra nice when Dave mentioned that the two of them were celebrating an anniversary that week. Nevermind is 20 yrs old.  That’s insane.  October 19, 2011 will be 20 yrs for me when I saw Nirvana play ‘Trees’ in Dallas, Texas with my boyfriend at the time. He was a fan.. I was along for the ride. Thank God I was… I remember everyone (ok, girls) talking about how they were into the ‘singer’.  Me? I saw the drummer jump over his drums at a certain moment in the show and I thought, “I like that guy.”  The rest is history.. I suppose.

At Buffalo, I was standing by the smaller stage in the back in the sound area, and at about 6 seconds in to this video, Dave saw me. Thanks for the hug/kiss. Sorry about the crappy camera work for those few seconds:

Here’s another version that someone sent to me. I’m not sure who shot this video, but you can see that again around .50 seconds in. Sweet.

Here’s ‘Skin & Bones’ with Krist Novoselic:

I got to spend about 10-15 minutes after the show speaking to Dave before he had to leave for New York City. Another amazing night for me.  At this point I’m a little bit overwhelmed, but thankful…always thankful.

I flew to NYC/NJ on Monday and met up with my friend Herb for that show.  Herb is the guitarist for Rye Coalition, and Dave produced his album several years back. Herbie was really excited to be able to go and it was nice to see him so happy to see Dave again.  You know who else was at the show?

John McEnroe! Holy shit.  If you don’t know who he is, John McEnroe is a professional American tennis player – probably retired now – was super famous for his horrible temper and fighting with the judges during tennis matches. I kind of got scared for the dude for five minutes because I could just imagine someone making him mad, and then him starting a fight…and then Dave G. is all ‘hey, asshole…you don’t come to my show to fight…you come to my show to dance..” You know?? How awesome would THAT have been?  I would have filmed that for sure.

I only took a few photos at this show because Herbie & I were just having too much fun watching the show. I knew a few other people there as well so again, we all just enjoyed the show.

East Rutherford, NJ:

Here’s a video from East Rutherford.  Best of You:

I took a few photos after the show.  Some of these were just random & I don’t know who the people are.. if it’s you… cool.

This was kind of cool, and I hope I don’t ruin this family’s Christmas / New Year’s cards that they’re sending out. Their theme for cards is “Happy Foo Year” and you get the rest of it….

So if you happen to get this card at the end of the year…act surprised, ok? Don’t tell this nice family that I ruined it for you.

Here’s me with Krist Novoselic:

And last, but definitely not least…. Herb, Dave, me.  I love this photo for a lot of reasons, but I love that we got photobombed by someone between Herb & Dave.  THE EYE!!!  Plus people behind us are all thinking ‘would these two get lost so Dave will sign my drumstick??’

You’re probably thinking that this all ends here, but it doesn’t.  I actually was lucky enough to get this for Tuesday:
Herb, Emily & I got to be in the audience along with a new friend – Kathi & her nephew from Italy.  Foo Fighters played a song with Roger Waters for Pink Floyd week. How cool is that?  Some of you have asked where I was in the audience so that you could look for me on the taping, but I was second row center & the camera was right over my head so I know for a fact that I was never on camera…which really is fine with me.  You’ve seen enough of my mug to last you for a while now.

So that’s my story, kids.  I’m still trying to remember everything – such an amazing week for me.  And I have to thank you all for the very sweet, nice comments that you have made about all of this. It means a lot to me that you take the time to come to this website or the Facebook page or follow me on Twitter and share your experiences and photos/videos as well. I enjoyed meeting each & every one of you this time around and I really honestly mean it when I say I wish that you all could have been with me, because I hope that everyone has the opportunity to meet Dave. He’s that amazing. I adore him.

Now get busy on those signs for the next show……


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