March 13, 2011

Mar 13

Hi everyone – just a quick update to tell you that I heard from Megumi yesterday. She is safe and doing well. Megumi said it was definitely the worst earthquake she’s ever experienced in her life, but she seems well. Thanks to everyone for your thoughts and concerns.

I’m right in the middle of upgrading the website entirely so there might not be updates for a bit because we’re transferring everything over to a WordPress theme. It looks really rad right now (borrowed the ‘rad’ from Dave) and hopefully we’ll be up and running soon.

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September 03, 2007

Sep 03

I promised you more photos from Megumi so here they are! I just added them to the page that I had already started. Enjoy! (Thanks, Megumi!)


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August 25, 2007

Aug 25

So our friend Megumi has returned from England and as always has thought of us in the photos department. She was at both Concorde & V Festival and took these amazing photos of Dave. I hear there are more but she’s a busy girl, so we’ll just have to wait for her to have a chance to upload them all.

So hopefully we’ll be hearing about a tour soon. I’m kind of hoping to get to take a trip to NYC to see Foo Fighters and also kind of hoping that they’ll look to a band from New Jersey called Rye Coalition to open up for them. That’s what I want for my birthday in November. NYC trip. Foo Fighters concert and Rye Coalition opening for them. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for really.


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July 31, 2005

Jul 31

Our friend Megumi just returned from the Fuji Rock Festival in Japan and says that she had a fantastic time. She has the set list for us:

1. In Your Honor

2. All My Life

3. Times Like These

4. My Hero

5. Best of You

6. Up In Arms

7. Learn To Fly

8. The Last Song

9. The One

10. Stacked Actors (Dave ran and got to the PA shed in the center of the field then climbed the scaffold behind of the shed!!!)

11. This Is A Call

12. Everlong (Dave only ver.)

13. Monkey Wrench

EN1. Cold Day In The Sun (Taylor sang and played guitar, and Dave played drums!!!!)

EN2. Breakout

Megumi also found some photos for us from a Japanese website. Click HERE and she tells me that she is exhausted but looking forward to talking about the show. Sign up at our forum so you can get all of the details!


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June 21, 2005

Jun 21

Our friend Megumi from Tokyo has sent over a great photo that was featured in a Japanese magazine called “Rockin’ On”.

Thanks to Megumi for always sharing and thanks to Kelli for doctoring the picture up for me.


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