The Passion of Dave Grohl

Nov 19

Dave’s first solo-Rolling Stone Magazine cover story.  Available Friday, Nov. 21, 2014:

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Rolling Stone Issue 1141 / Oct. 13, 2011

Oct 05

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Summer Rocks!

Jun 28

Rolling Stone Issue 1134/1135 features Dr. G. on the cover. The back cover that is…Katy Perry is on the front cover…because of course Katy Perry is doing so much more for music these days than Dave (that was sarcasm).  I bought the magazine and groaned when I saw her on the cover with her silver bra that’s been made to look like two giant Hershey’s kisses.  *Yawn*.  Put Dave in that bra though and I’ll buy 10 copies…..


Here’s a pdf version of the article for you.


I know that there’s a lot going on with Foo Fighters / Dave at the moment and that I haven’t necessarily been very good at keeping you up to date. I apologize. Lots of things going on w/me at the moment and all will be revealed soon. However, I DID see that Ticketmaster had posted a tour date for November 16 (just happens to be my birthday…!!) in Boston, MA where I currently reside.  Then it was yanked down from the Ticketmaster site so I’m hoping that it’s still on and just accidentally got announced too early.  If it *is* on, I will be the goofy girl in the front row with the big birthday hat on.  CELEBRATE ME!!


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Reviews & 25 Things You Don’t Know About Dave

Apr 25

I read the 25 Things That You Don’t Know About Dave and I knew them all… except for maybe one thing.  Ok, maybe 2. (US Weekly)

From Spin: May 2011:

Rolling Stone / May 2011 has a review for Wasting Light:


More RS Reviews:


Here’s a look at the Nirvana Exhibit in Seattle at the Experience Music Project:



Spin Magazine has a special edition 2 CD booklet available only at Target Stores. Dave is on 1 of 3 special covers:


Here are a few photos, & the article is in a pdf version:




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Rolling Stone | Australia May 2011

Apr 06

Relle scanned & sent over the lastest issue of Australian Rolling Stone. Here are a few photos (click to enlarge) and the article/scans are available in pdf form by clicking the link. Thanks, Relle! (And as you can see, I have figured out the mystery of the thumbnail cropping.  No more cutting off Dave’s pretty face)…..

See you in New York this weekend.  I’ll be hanging around.


Click here for scans / pdf version



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