‘Tis the Season…

Aug 25

…concert season that is… which means everyone’s a photographer and I get to help share your portfolios!!  It’s been a while since we’ve shared fan photos so here they are, in no particular order.  Enjoy.  Remember, if you have photos you would like me to upload here at the website just send them to my e mail lisa@sweetparamania.com . Don’t forget to let me know how to credit you (your name you want displayed) and let me know where you took the photos.

Also, you will notice that most are just photos of Dave because, well, it IS a Dave website, but I’ll occasionally let another band member photo slip in…that’s because a bunch of you out there talked your shit about making a Taylor or Pat website, but I’ve yet to see it. *wink*

This first group of photos were taken by my good friend (and graphic designer here at the website) Elle, from the Cologne, Germany show this past week.  I believe she will have more for us soon, but I wanted to put these up.





This photo was taken by Peter North (and yes, I asked him if that was his real name and yes, it is.)  Dude.  ROCK.  This was taken at the MK bowl show on the 3rd of July. Awesome photo.


These photos are from Fi Oakes who was at Milton Keynes in July….



More Milton Keynes photos (first night) from janjan:

 I think Fi & janjan were standing right next to one another… ??


Kage sent these photos in from Cologne, Germany at LANXESS arena (Aug. 23). One of these photos is my new favorite photo, but I’ll let you guess which one:

Thank you guys & gals for sending in the photos!

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