April 01, 2009

Apr 01

Sorry for a lack of updates. I’ve been chillin’ down in Austin, Texas at South by Southwest with some old friends of mine. (I’m the blonde now).

Remember our friend Maria who won the Birthday book contest this year with this great entry? Well, guess what…girlie finally got that T-shirt signed by none other than our friend Dave.

I think I can speak for everyone when I say thank GOD – now we can all relax and go back to worrying about stimulus packages and bailout plans and things just not as important as this. I really mean that. I for one am sleeping better at night.

Rumor has it that Dave will be appearing in a movie called “See How They Run” which looks like a horror movie. Here’s the poster. The tag line is “Five women alone in a remote mountain cabin. Hell. What could happen?”

Are you kidding me? That’s the tag line? And Dave is in this movie? Holy crap that’s just begging me to go watch this movie. Can I buy my tickets online before it hits theaters? I’m taking off work on opening day. Too much comedy gold right here.

Can you believe next month we’re 5 yrs old?

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