April 13, 2008

Apr 13

You thought we went away, didn’t you?

Nope. I’ve been a busy girl.. as you can see.

I thought it was time for a change. We do this every couple of years now. I really love the blue scheme to match Dave’s line of guitars so that’s what the whole site is based on.

It hasn’t been easy though. I have had the idea for a while now, but I’ve also faced some serious health issues and had a major surgery that I am still recovering from. The good news is that I am on my way to being 100% and it’s all taken care of now so I have spent my recovery time in front of the computer transferring files and updating the site.

If you’re viewing this page in Internet Explorer version 6.0, it’s time to upgrade to 7.0. 6.0 causes too many bugs with this layout. I haven’t seen any problems yet with Firefox other than it doesn’t center things as well as Internet Explorer.

I have to thank this wonderful girl, Elle from Germany, who designed all of the headers, the new forum as well as some new wallpapers and hopefully some avatars when she has some time. She has been so wonderful to me and has generously contributed way beyond anything I could have ever imagined. It’s amazing how I could e mail her and say ‘I’d like a background with this shade of blue or this scheme and the guitar placed here with these words’ and she would return it within hours exactly the way I imagined it. There were never any edits (on my part anyway!) so I’m thankful for her. Her (Foo Fighters postboard) name is listed at the bottom of each page under ‘logo design’. Thank you, Elle. I appreciate it more than you will ever know and I’m happy to call you my friend now.

So I hope that you enjoy the new site and if you run across any links that are broken or anything else, please e mail me and let me know because it is VERY possible I missed something somewhere and I would appreciate the ‘heads up’ since I really hate websites with broken links. I’m still testing a few pages but I wanted to get this back online as soon as possible.


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