April 18, 2005

Apr 18

So once again, our friend Megumi from Tokyo, Japan has the newest edition of Crossbeat Magazine for June 2005. (Oasis on the front cover) and boy is it INTERESTING. Well, sure, I could hold this information and skip around my bedroom and laugh at all of you who don’t know, but then what kind of friend would I be? I’ve decided to share the love.

Now, here’s the deal. Basically, Megumi has told me what is in the article and as soon as she gets a chance, she will transcribe it for us once again. (She’s the bee’s knees.) Did I mention that there are photos? We’ll get those up too but you’ll have to keep checking back for those.

So apparently, there was a listening party for journalists and it was hosted by Dave. Some Bar-b-que was served courtesy of Dr. G. and some whiskey was consumed. (In other news, the sky is blue.)

What songs you might ask? Here they are in no particular order:

1. In Your Honor

2. D.O.A.

3. Best Of You

4. Resolve

5. Free Me

6. No Way Back


7. What If I Do

8. Miracle

9. Virginia Moon


Now head over to our message board and sign up and start talking. Keep checking back, we should have the photos up soon.

Oh, and you can personally thank Megumi over there too.


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