April 18, 2006

Apr 18

Today is the day that you need to purchase the new Rye Coalition album, Curses. If you haven’t had a chance to get to know these guys, do yourself a favor and pick this album up. Not only is it produced by the man (Dr. G) , you get a DVD with the album and the DVD is over an hour and contains so much footage of Dave in the studio with Rye Coalition. If you need a little taste of some of the DVD, check out the screen caps HERE. Hopefully you all pre-ordered and it’s all ready arriving at your doorstep. If not, click on any of the photos of the album art and grab it up at Amazon.com, Insound, or Interpunk.

Also, check out Rye Coalition’s MySpace page and catch them out on tour.

If you haven’t heard, Dave is also drumming on the new “Juliette & the Licks” album. We’ve got a new page up in our “Bands” section with some photos of Dave in the studio and also some video. You can have a look HERE.


(ps.. congrats!)

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