April 25, 2010

Apr 25

Correction: Steak, not Hamburger.

I meant to include these photos in my update the other day, but spazzed on it.

Karina sent these in of her friend Julio who was lucky (in the greatest sense of the word) enough to get a freakin’ hamburger cooked and served to him by Dave at Coachella.

God knows I’ve been lucky enough to see Dave recently, but I gotta say I’m jealous of Julio and the hamburger. According to some recently, it wouldn’t hurt me to eat one every now and then.

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Julio, I bow to you.

Also meant to mention that I added a chat room to the tool bar below (main page/news page) so you can all join together and talk about Dave’s hair or how many fresh pots of coffee you drank today.

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