August 01, 2004

Aug 01

Happy August! We’re going on 3 months online now. Fun? Oh sure. Informative? In a way. Naughty? You betcha! Why? Because we’re all women who sit around giggling about Dave and how HAWT he is. (That was for Tara.)

Anyhoo…if you’re in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in the fabulous U.S of A. tomorrow.. well, head down to Pere Marquette Park at 900 North Plankinton Avenue around.. oh, say.. 4:30 (local time) .. and we *think* Dave is going to be there supporting John Kerry by giving a concert. Get your free ticket HERE. By the way, don’t blame me if he doesn’t show up… blame the Miami Herald… they’re the ones reporting it.

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Well, I’m done. Stick a fork in me. Toodles, Poodles.



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