August 02, 2009

Aug 02

When it rains around here, it POURS! So many updates and photos and info – it’s keeping me busy this weekend.

Colm Mullan sent over the following e mail:

Just emailing to let you know, Dave Grohl, John Paul Jones & Josh Homme’s new band, Them Crooked Vultures have an official website at They also have a MySpace, a Twitter and a Facebook page. You can find the links to all of these if you enter your email address on the frontpage (and the only page so far) of their site. Doing so leads you to a page that says “Deserve The Future”. If you click on the first S in “Deserve”, you get a link to the MySpace page, if you click on the T in “The” you get the Twitter account and if you click on the F in “Future” you get a Facebook link.

Make sure you check out yesterday’s updates below. Lots of photos, video & info on what Dave has been up to!

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