August 03, 2008

Aug 03

Happy August, everyone. This year is flying by!

As promised, some photos from VH1 Rock Honors: The Who. Sorry that I’m really behind on that.

Also, I wanted to do a little entry about our friend Emily. She’s the queen of all Foo Fans. If there’s a Foo Fighters tour, Emily is there. I’ve got to attend a couple of the shows with her, but this past week Emily went over the 50 shows mark. Here’s Emily with Dave at the recent Cleveland, OH show.

He even dedicated ‘Aurora’ to her in Pittsburgh, PA for her 50th show. If anyone happens to have it on video, I’d like to help pass along a copy to her.

(click on photo to enlarge).One thing you should know about Emily is that it’s all about the music. Congrats, Em! I’m sure I’ll see you up front at many more shows, rocking out.

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