August 05, 2010

Aug 05

In my last update I mentioned how I needed to be a good friend and e mail Megumi in Japan to see if she had the opportunity to go see Them Crooked Vultures. Well, clearly I suck as a friend because I didn’t e mail, but Megumi on the other hand – faithful as ever – sent me a lovely little note. I’ll share with you what Megumi told me.

Of course she went to see Them Crooked Vultures. Of course she had a fantastic time (I quote) “It was amazingly amazing!!!!!” and “I couldn’t breathe for a while when I saw JPJ and Dave doing eye contact and smiling at each other… Incredible moment.”

I’d like to say at this point that my mom recently called me & told me, “Them Crooked Vultures are on ‘Austin City Limits’.” I flipped channels until I found it playing on TV. She then said to me “I’ve been watching this for a few minutes and it’s kind of cool just watching Dave smile at this guy on the bass guitar..” (Forgive her – she was more of an Elvis fan.) So yes, Megumi – it is amazing and I know exactly what you’re talking about.

A few more things from Megumi:

I found the Crooked Truck parked in front of the venue! It’s one of the advertising style. There were big speakers inside this truck, playing the album loud and running around Shibuya area, near the venue where bunch of young people gathering.

Never fear, kids – Megumi sent in a photo. Much like the one that got tweeted recently.

I’m contemplating a move across the country in the next year. I wonder if I could borrow this truck to haul my shit? Free advertising guys. I’ll even let you put the new Foo Fighters album stuff all over it. What a deal! As always, I’m your girl!

A few things about this here website. I think I’m going to disable the forum. It’s rare that anyone talks there now. It seems the place to be is our Facebook & Twitter ( @sweetparamania ) page. Come chat with us there.

My blog. *sigh* It’s a Word Press blog. My friend Linda in Seattle has been trying forever to get me to convert this entire site to WordPress and I’m a big ol’ chicken about it. Seriously. I cry and scream like a baby and kick my feet and then end up in a fetal position sucking my thumb with my favorite blanket close by and soon I fall asleep only to be awaken to ‘did you pick a WordPress theme? Download it?’ “NO!!!” and the cycle repeats.

While looking into my files, something happened with the blog so we’re just going to say that it’s unavailable at the moment. Can it be reloaded and retrieved and can I continue to grace you with my amazing and witty outlook on life? *shrug* Don’t look at me. I don’t know how to really work the thing. Fortunately for Linda, she’s become quite the Web Designer and her business is really starting to boom. Unfortunately for me, that means I don’t have the luxury of calling my best Seattle friend up and saying, ‘Can you look at the blog? Something’s funky.”

So kids – if you’re in the market for a great website, talk to Linda.

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