August 11, 2010

Aug 11

Our friend @yarwan in Japan sent over some really nice photos of her ‘Them Crooked Vultures’ adventure recently in Japan and was lucky enough to run into Dave & Josh and saw Alain coming out of a Hello Kitty store (I’m really super jealous over that. I love you, Hello Kitty. If I visited Japan, you’d find me in a Hello Kitty store complaining about how we wouldn’t have this or that product in America.)

So here are a few photos for you and I’m also including part of Yarwan’s e mail so as to paint a bigger picture:

On 29/July/2010 at Kiddy Land Harajyuku

At last Dave came out to an entrance and talked. He remembered it when he talked about the stuffed toy of the bear which I presented to him in 2008. He laughed when I said that it rained whenever you went for FRF every time. Then, 30 minutes later, Dave did Tweet in “lost”.

That’s basically when Dave “tweeted” the photo that he titled “Lost” from Japan.

TCV Japan TCV Japan TCV Japan TCV Japan TCV Japan TCV Japan TCV Japan

Also, the ‘crooked Truck’ as Megumi referred to lit up at night. EXCELLENT. I love it!

Thanks for the e mail & photos! I’m always so happy to find photos & stories of your adventures in my mailbox.

So tonight a certain Mr. Chris Shiflett will be in Boston & I am going to head over to Cambridge which is like the next street over from where I live and check out his show and I hope to have some photos tomorrow or soon at least. I’m going to New York City on Saturday to meet up with my girls and we’ll see Chris’s show there Saturday night. If you’re at either show, say hello to me!

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