August 25, 2004

Aug 25

You know, one minute you’re sitting around thinking “I’m not gonna get a Grohl update until the Foos play San Diego; the next minute-Dave is signing Publishing deals with Universal Music Publishing Group. Of course you can read all about it HERE.

In case you’ve been out of the loop for the past .. oh.. week or so, Dave also wrote a NICE, long post over at the postboard. I’m not going to post it over here since it was meant for, but definitely check it out. Good stuff… double album talk… enough to keep you in suspense all right..


You have to be a registered member to read, but you probably all ready are.

If you want to read a funny article about Dave’s post – HERE – Dave’s started something with this “Holy Shitballs” thing.

If I don’t update before August 31, Happy Birthday to Dave’s mommy. A little bird told us.. that’s how we know.

We have quite a bit of updates coming.. I can feel it.. hopefully. Can’t wait to hear all about the San Diego show and see the pictures etc. We’ll get them up here ASAFP. Tara will probably be doing our update for the SD show since she’s going. Pfft. What-ever!



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