Dave’s 43rd Birthday Book / Contest

Nov 23

Ok, kids…it’s time.  Please click on the graphic / link below (thanks, Elle for the design!) for the official Dave’s 43rd Birthday Book / Contest rules.  Anything that you need to know is included in the rules.  Yes, you can just write a simple note or message.  Yes, you can photoshop until your heart’s content. All I ask is that you just be respectful of Dave.  Think of how you would like to be greeted on your birthday, and if you think you’re crossing a line, you probably are.  Just some strong advice there…

Check out the prize as well for best entry. Not bad if I do say so myself.  Best of luck to everyone and I encourage everyone to contribute.  Anyone who submits an entry is eligible to win the prize.

If for some reason you feel like I haven’t addressed a question, feel free to contact me at lisa@sweetparamania.com

I can’t wait to see your contributions!!!  Thanks, everyone!!

xo Leecy



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