December 01, 2007

Dec 01

Happy December, everyone! While most people are starting to celebrate the holidays, we here at Sweet are gearing up for our annual “Dave’s Birthday Book” celebration! It only happens once a year and it’s such a magical time .. filled with wonder and amazement ..along with some really great photoshops and birthday greetings.

It’s only 6 short weeks away from Dave’s birthday on January 14, so it’s time to start thinking about how you’re going to make the best contribution for the birthday book. Hey, it will be worth it this year – we’re having a contest for the best entry and you’ll walk away with some sweet Foo merchandise!

Everything you need to know – rules, contest info, where to e mail your entry and probably a few more things that I have forgotten is right HERE. If for some reason you have other questions that I did not include the answers to, please feel free to e mail me at There’s plenty of time to get your contributions in so start working on them and perfecting them.

In other news, I’d like everyone to check out the “Dave with his Fans” page. We’ve had quite a few more pictures put up lately. Foo’s are on tour and if you were lucky enough to get your photo snapped with Dave, send it to me so I can include it in the page!


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