December 03, 2005

Dec 03

Well, hello there…

Don’t have much to update since my Australian friends are being completely stingy and not sharing ANYTHING (hint hint).

I do have an update on the tour posters page. I love tour posters. (hint hint).

So here we are in December.. and that means January is coming up soon and someone quite special has a birthday around the 14th or so (hint hint)…. so, if you want, we can have another birthday page for Dave. Just send your wishes, photos, photoshops or anything else we can share online to me and I’ll set it all up. E mail your contributions to me at . If you need ideas, you can look at last years Birthday page HERE. If anyone else has any ideas or anything else that we could do, just let me know.

Last, but certainly not least… normally I wouldn’t waste the energy or the breath saying this but what the hell. I’m feeling good today and have the Christmas spirit.

Fuck Scott Stapp.

That’s right. I said it.

Happy Holidays!


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